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Many departments will jointly promote the plastic bag free day and propose to legislate to ban plastic bags

although there is a high voice for reducing the use of plastic bags or even not using plastic bags, the use of plastic bags is still very common due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations

9 5 the plastic bag free day in Xiamen is approaching. It is learned from the relevant departments of Xiamen that the city is vigorously promoting the plastic bag free day activities and plans to work with multiple departments to formulate medium - and long-term governance plans, Finally, the National People's Congress legislated to ban plastic bags

the proposal of the CPPCC focuses on the proposal of the Municipal Committee of the Taiwan Democratic League on banning plastic bags and using environmentally friendly shopping bags in the agricultural supermarket reform market. It points out that in August last year, the action of reducing the use of plastic bags initiated by the Xiamen evening news and the September 5 no plastic bag day in Xiamen aroused strong repercussions among the citizens. The proposal suggests that the municipal government take the agricultural supermarket reform as an opportunity to ban plastic bags in the fresh food supermarket GB 11945 (1) 999 and implement environmentally friendly shopping bags, Subsequently, the use of plastic bags was gradually banned throughout the city

the proposal suggests that Xiamen should implement measures to prohibit the use of plastic bags that cause harm to the environment, such as resolutely processing them into insulation boards. The Municipal People's Congress may issue relevant regulations in the second half of this year to prohibit the use of plastic bags in our city; And strive to ban the use of plastic bags in our city from January, 2008

difficulties: lack of support from relevant laws and regulations

it is understood that after the end of last year's no plastic bag day, businesses still continue to give environmental protection shopping bags irregularly. Ru Chengda sent shopping bags in July and August this year

some businesses in our city also implement a plastic bag charging system. For example, Metro charges 0.5 yuan per large shopping bag and 0.3 yuan per small shopping bag, so as to reduce the use of plastic bags by customers

daily, the city encourages the recycling of plastic bags through various activities, such as Metro's collection of 20 plastic trays in exchange for small gifts, and Wal Mart's collection of waste plastic bags in exchange for canvas shopping bags

in the interview, many departments in our city believed that at present, there are still some difficulties in promoting degradable plastic packaging or popularizing environmental protection shopping bags, and there is a lack of support from relevant laws and regulations. Government departments can only guide or advocate businesses to use degradable plastic bags or environmental protection shopping bags, and cannot force businesses to implement them

help stores find degradable plastic packaging plants

although major shopping malls and supermarkets have issued reusable cloth bags for many times, customers receive them actively, but they don't really use them. The cost of degradable plastic packaging is high, which affects the income of the enterprise, and the degradable enterprise can not decide by itself

the Municipal Trade Development Bureau said that in the next step, it will be necessary to make timely changes to guide merchants to promote the use of degradable plastic bags or environmentally friendly shopping bags. The trade department will take the initiative to contact the environmental protection, health, quality supervision and other departments to find degradable plastic packaging products and manufacturers

the departments of trade and development, environmental protection and health will formulate medium and long-term governance plans to promote the use of degradable plastic packaging and environmental protection shopping bags in supermarkets and shopping malls step by step and with goals. At the same time, guide businesses to carry out various activities to encourage customers to use less plastic bags

let more citizens know as much as possible

the municipal Civilization Office said that it would further intensify its work and strive to improve citizens' awareness of environmental protection. With the help of the media, through various forms, the harm and seriousness of white pollution are publicized through major festivals such as the 1500 booths of the world environment day 6 and the no plastic bag day of Heron Island 9

at the same time, public service advertisements rejecting plastic bags and other contents will be played on the electronic screens in public places such as airports, stations, wharves, service halls, ferry wharves, parks and squares; Widely publicize the benefits of environmental protection in the publicity boards and windows of communities, villages and towns, organs, etc

carry out various publicity activities in primary and secondary schools and communities in combination with the implementation of green school and green community creation activities. At the end of August or the beginning of September, it is planned to produce an interview program with the main content of reducing the use of plastic bags in the column of Citizen Ethics Forum of Xiamen TV station

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