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When the elegance of flax and the vitality of orange fill the whole space, and when the dynamic and static melody winds up a fashionable charm, the whole space will give us endless beauty and temptation. Now let's have a look with Meijia Meihu seamless wall cloth

flax + HERMES orange

when the elegance of flax and the vitality of orange fill the whole space, when the charming colors occupy the full line of sight, when the dynamic and static melodies wrap around the fashionable charm, the whole space will give us endless beauty and temptation

flax is the oldest and most diversified natural fiber. It is introverted and quiet. Coupled with the luxurious and fashionable Hermes orange, the inhibitive combination of the two colors clearly displays delicate and attractive smart pictures, which are applied in home decoration. Such beauty is infused with the charm of fashion and light luxury, showing us the stunning absolute attraction

that smart beauty not only jumps out of the rules of traditional character, but also is bold and interesting, and does not appear too fancy. I didn't expect that linen could be so fashionable, which brings us infinite imagination and linger space in the elegant touch

recommendation for the living room: sg3618-1

gray linen + orange, is a hard rock and surging magma, a brightly lit street under the night, a peacock grass dancing with the wind in the mist, a static and moving color collision, brings us extreme beauty and temptation, and we can't help loving at a glance

a luxurious life is not a magnificent spatial layout, but a high standard of living details themselves, looking for a real luxury life from quality, touch and details

recommended model for master bedroom: sg3619-7

flax fiber is known as "natural air conditioner". Flax is the only bundle of natural fibers. The bundle fibers are bonded together by flax single cells with the help of colloid. Because there is no condition for more air, the air permeability ratio of flax fabric is as high as 25%, so its thermal conductivity (heat dissipation) is excellent

every place is carefully arranged to take care of children and give them a quiet childhood

recommended model of second bedroom: sg3509-7

it seems to be a luxury to have your own world in a noisy city and get a chance to breathe when you are tired of running around. Long term use of textiles with static electricity will absorb a lot of dust and affect health. Linen fabrics are almost static free and are not easy to be contaminated with dust and other microorganisms

modern people worship and return to nature. The return to nature of linen is integrated with the consumption concept of green and environmental protection, plus the embellishment of Hermes orange, creating a fascinating fashion shape. From dazzling color splicing to casual casual casual dress, the most in concept leads to bursts of fashion trends

the photo of this case comes from: Meijia Meihu Linping exclusive store

Meijia Meihu seamless wall cloth has entered Beijing diaoyutaistateguesthouse, and the high-end quality makes every family choose Meijia Meihu. Becoming the exclusive store of our company's seamless wallcovering will bring you greater entrepreneurial advantages. Look, our products will win you the high-end market of seamless wallcovering with a high cost performance attitude

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