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Ten mile spring breeze, one of the top ten brand fine wood craftsmen in China, is not as green as the touch of green

sunny spring March, when the grass grows and the warblers fly

the spring is infinitely good, and the wind is also waving

the branches are sprouting, and the wild grass is green

ten mile spring breeze is not as green as the touch of green

arbor day, let's fight together

add a healthy life ~

Arbor Day - planting hope and future

March 12 every year is China's Arbor Day. "Arbor Day" is a festival stipulated by some countries in the form of laws to publicize forest benefits and mobilize the masses to participate in afforestation. According to the length of time, it can be divided into tree planting day, tree planting week or tree planting month, which is collectively called tree planting day. Through this activity, we can stimulate people's feelings of loving forests and afforestation, improve people's understanding of the functions of forests, promote land greening, and achieve the purpose of loving forests and protecting forests, expanding forest resources, and improving the ecological environment

On February 23rd, 1979, the sixth session of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress decided to keep March 12th as China's Arbor Day to encourage people of all ethnic groups to plant trees, afforest the motherland, improve the environment and benefit future generations

afforestation can not only afforest and beautify our homes, but also expand mountain forest resources, prevent water and soil loss, protect farmland, regulate climate, and promote economic development. It is a grand project for the benefit of contemporary and future generations. In order to protect forestry resources, beautify the environment and maintain ecological balance, many countries in the world have established arbor day according to their actual situation. As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to strengthen, and actively participate in afforestation activities, our human living environment will continue to improve

Arbor day brings a spring to the world. Arbor Day is to protect and advocate people to plant trees, encourage people to love trees, and remind people to pay attention to trees. Trees play a very important role in human survival and in improving the ecological environment of the earth

afforestation can conserve water and soil; Afforestation can prevent wind and fix sand; Afforestation can purify the air for human beings; Afforestation can remove pollution; Afforestation can reduce noise pollution; Afforestation provides many useful raw materials and supplies

Arbor Day - low carbon starts with "eating"

Arbor Day - it's not a "holiday" if you plant a tree and take a few photos. This arbor day might as well start with "subtraction" in diet and cultivate a "green baby" at home! At least make this arbor day perfect

① don't process food many times

let children form the habit of eating natural flavor food. The so-called "salt and taste" are all acquired eating habits. If you give your child to eat broccoli boiled in clear water and green beans stir fried without salt since childhood, he will naturally not feel that MSG, chicken essence and other additives are necessary when he grows up

② remove all kinds of junk food from your child's diet

carbonated drinks can be replaced by white water, and fruit juice can be freshly squeezed by yourself, so as to truly ensure that your child takes vitamins instead of just sugar water. When your food is closer to nature, the fewer intermediate links, the more environmentally friendly, and the healthier your child's diet is

③ don't let your child develop the habit of eating endlessly

don't follow behind your child to feed the last bite of food. When your child doesn't eat, it's when he's full. Of course, he doesn't eat as much as you feed him, but the child doesn't have to overeat every time. Children who have more initiative to decide how much they eat tend to be thinner, healthier and have less weight problems in the future. At the same time of environmental protection and health, more importantly, it can save adults a lot of worry now and in the future

Arbor Day - green travel and environmental protection

Arbor Day is not only to promote the planting and care of trees, but also to improve people's attention to trees. It plays a key role in the ecological environment and human living environment

3.12 arbor day, fine craftsman and healthy board advocate green travel, take public transport, refuse to drive, reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, protect air quality, maintain blue sea and blue sky, and fulfill an environmental protection wish. Make the world better and life a little more "green"

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