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Speaking of tatami decoration, the first thing you will think of must be the cabinets full of rooms. On the bed wall, there are spaces for storing sundries everywhere. As a standard configuration of small houses, tatami can actually be used more flexibly. If you want to create a tasteful space, don't forget tatami

let's take a look at a Japanese style home first. The Japanese style home space is very spacious. Making tatami adds a touch of sentiment to the space

you can feel this atmosphere: the simple tatami platform design makes the living room space a little Zen

unrestrained space gives people a different feeling. If you also like this design, you might as well use it for reference

such a design is very common in Japan, because tatami culture itself was introduced into China from Japan, but we mostly use it in small houses to give full play to its proper storage function. In fact, the biggest feature of tatami lies in the infiltration of living habits and culture

if you like Japanese culture very much, it's understandable to install such a tatami living room, but it's difficult to gain praise in our current culture and habits

however, home is your own home, not others' home. You can decide how to decorate it by yourself

this bedroom looks very personalized, right? Such tatami design is not only suitable for young people who advocate personal freedom, but also suitable for families with babies

families with babies should install such a tatami short bed, so you don't have to worry about the danger of the baby falling out of bed anymore

the spacious bedroom, personalized design and outstanding effect all make this space show extraordinary taste

a wide dresser can be used as a half partition of the bedroom, making the bedroom space both private and independent

if you haven't seen such a case, you may not believe that tatami can still have such a fashionable design form

the design form of tatami we have seen is also the most common one among all designs. There is no sense of beauty. The purpose is to realize the multi-function of small space

it must be a very happy thing to design such tatami beside the window. We can listen to the rain in this small space in the rainy afternoon

you can also read while basking in the sun here, which is a supreme enjoyment no matter what

the whole small room is treated with cold colors, so it looks very cool on the whole

the owner of such a cool home design should also be a cool person

this is a study and bedroom with more energy supply. The simple tatami design makes this low bed look full of personality

the indomitable bookcase design also maximizes the storage space. This design is also suitable for students who like simple bookcases. The overall cost of this design is also low

I like such a small room at a glance. It is simple and bright, especially the desk by the window, which is comfortable and quiet

the area of this small room is not small, but the design is simple enough. Overall, it's great

the tall floor to ceiling window is a big advantage of this small bedroom. No matter how it is designed, it looks fashionable

summary: after reading so many cases about tatami decoration, do you think tatami also has a unique effect in creating a personalized space. If you also want such an effect, then learn from the design in the following paragraph




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