Only by recognizing the target group can we find t

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Everyone says that the customized wardrobe industry makes money, but I believe only practitioners know the bitterness. After brutal growth and reshuffle stage, customized wardrobe is still in a new round of reshuffle. Many investors still hope to choose project investment with traditional business philosophy, which is no different from seeking shortsightedness. In the context of consumption upgrading, only by recognizing the target group can we find customized wardrobe franchising projects. Only by recognizing the target group can we find a good franchise project, and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

brand marketing ultimately serves sales. All the communication value lies in making the target groups of enterprises produce brand traces through communication, so as to touch their consumption behavior. At present, the post-80s and post-90s have become the main force of household consumption, and they prefer to consume products with prominent personality, high quality and good quality that can represent personal values. However, in fact, most household enterprises give young people the impression of being traditional, old-fashioned and boring. Once they are labeled by the target group, it means that you have lost the attention of this part of the mainstream consumer group, It is also likely to be excluded by the explosive information, thus losing the opportunity

therefore, this means that household enterprises not only need to focus on the interconnection and integration of business models, but also need to be based on users' recognition of enterprise products and services, but also need household enterprises to explore more ways of marketing and promotion in order to attract the attention of target groups

when you know what group you are facing, the way of marketing will change accordingly. The information explosion in modern society makes it difficult for information that is not fun and has no attitude to enter the eyes of young people. At present, investors should understand various current marketing methods, such as the current popular live broadcast, new media content marketing, VR experience, scene marketing, and so on. Each method may be the tipping point of brand marketing. Take Deville as an example. Deville not only creates a full house customized E-commerce mall online, which is in line with the online consumption habits of young people, but also introduces vr+ar technology into terminal stores to connect with online data, greatly improving the terminal consumption experience

in general, if you want to join in customized wardrobe, you need to understand your target market and make changes in marketing thinking, so as to make your career bigger and bigger

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