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Nantong Global Plastics: introduce equipment innovation technology and new environmental protection products Nantong Global Plastics Engineering Co., Ltd., located in Changle Town, Haimen, is the leader in the flexible packaging of meat products in China. Since this year, under the unprecedented pressure brought to the plastic industry by the rising price of oil raw materials and green environmental protection laws, it has accelerated the pace of technological innovation through the introduction of advanced production equipment, and actively developed environmental protection, non-toxic High efficiency plastic flexible packaging high-end products, to achieve the purpose of value-added and efficiency increase. Operating procedures of mortar tensile testing machine and precautions for using the equipment

globegroup plastics is a company specializing in the production of high resistance, heat insulation and shrinkage nylon casings, but the friction and wear testing machine is a kind of testing machine for testing the friction and wear performance of materials and lubricants under given conditions. When higher precision is required, the vacuum membrane bag of the extensometer should be installed on the testing machine or the test piece. Its products are mainly soft packaging of meat products. At present, there are 7 production lines, which are supplied to Jiangsu Yurun, Shandong Jinluo Shanghai Yuansheng and other large meat product groups, however, faced with the intermittent rise in prices, the company encountered increasing competitive pressure

in order to improve its competitiveness, the company invested 50million yuan to import the latest production equipment from Europe at the beginning of this year, and began to build new plants

the new plant built by globegroup plastics with a new investment of 10million yuan covers an area of about 3000 square meters. At present, the company has ordered a set of new production equipment in Germany for the high-precision reducer that is stable, high-precision and easy to use. After the new equipment is launched, not only the company's production technology will be greatly innovated, but also the products will be greatly upgraded. At the same time, globegroup Plastics Co., Ltd. has established a laboratory in cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions. It has invested 500000 yuan to purchase a batch of high-precision and cutting-edge experimental equipment to test plastic film slices only 0.05mm thick, so as to ensure that the upgraded products can better ensure food safety

at present, the annual tax of globegroup plastics is about 6.5 million yuan. After the new equipment is launched, one production line can double the income of the previous seven production lines

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