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Nanping has become the largest paper manufacturer in China. Fujian Nanping Paper Company is upgrading its two paper machines, No. 3 and No. 4, in its Nanping plant to increase output and improve product quality. The planned investment is 100million yuan, and the transformation will be completed by the end of the year

Nanping made the above decision because of the growth of local paper demand. In 1999, the company successfully put into operation a vimex paper machine installed by the company

at present, Nanping is the second largest paper manufacturer in China. Only this company has an annual production capacity of 270000 tons. When the transformation is completed, its production capacity will exceed that of Guangzhou. This transformation will increase the combined production capacity of 3 and 4 paper machines from 80000 tons to 100000 tons, and then make the annual production capacity of the factory reach 280000 tons

Voith undertook the transformation of the paper machine forming department and provided the factory with two soft calenders worth 6million

however, Nanping cannot stay in the position of paper boss for too long. Some domestic paper

manufacturers and foreign-funded Shanghai Fanya are planning to invest in capacity expansion

however, it is not the sole purpose of the factory to increase the output and develop the tank and special tank protection evaluation system in the experimental work area. The chief engineer of the factory said: "the transformation improves the quality, not just the output." He also said that the factory plans to transform the drying part of the paper machine by itself

tighten the width of the two paper machines in time; Du Du is 3.15m, manufactured by Shanghai Paper Machinery Corporation (SPMC)

the factory also plans to invest another 100million yuan to install a 500 ton/day Andritz

(Andritz) deinking system for the factory. The installation will start in April and be put into operation at the end of July

the first deinking production line of Nanping Paper Company was installed five years ago. The production line is supplied by Beloit, with a daily production capacity of 100 tons. The factory also considered expanding the production of thermomechanical pulp, but gave up because of the lack of wood resources. Therefore, it plans to install the largest deinked pulp production line in China

Nanping Paper Company was established in 1958. At that time, there were two paper machines provided by SPMC. In december1999, the company eliminated No. 1 and No. 2 paper machines, and put into operation the same year the No. 5 paper machine by virtue of Opticoncept, with an annual production capacity of 180000 tons

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