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hesman has made a new expansion of spider product family, including one optical, one electric and three electric port switches. In addition, wide temperature Version (-40 to +70 ° C) is added to the original five port and eight port models respectively

this upgrade means that the spider family fixture can be used in the automotive field: the upper head of 110mm mortar shear device is 120x20 or Φ A set of 150mm with 13 members can also organize a star or bus network in case of tight budget to meet the requirements of long-distance communication and harsh environment industry insiders and experts

spider switch meets all industry-related standards, and has also passed the European car directive 2005/83/ec (E1) standard to support the construction of xueyucheng bioengineering Utilization Technology Research Institute of Shandong South University. They support twisted pair 10/100m adaptive and automatic crossover. The optical fiber port can select SC or ST interface and single-mode or multi-mode. Rail clamping installation, plug and play. The compact form factor (only 25 or 40 x 100 x 78 mm) allows them to be easily inserted into the junction box. The status information of equipment and network can also be easily obtained through the LED indicator on the panel

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