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Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province, issued 200000 "food safety seals"

release date: Source: China food safety

recently, Nanchang County Market Supervision Bureau took the "315 activity" as an opportunity to issue 200000 "food safety seals" to more than 1000 offline restaurants in the county, ensuring the "last mile" of food sales safety, and helping to create a food safety city

"food safety seal" is a seal used to seal the package to ensure the safety of takeaway food. It is used to explore a new development path of plastic granulator technology. After special treatment, the seal will be damaged immediately once it is torn off and cannot be reused. It is an important basis for judging whether the takeout food is complete. By sealing, unnecessary suspicion is avoided, trust is increased and security is protected

Nanchang County Market Supervision Bureau suggests that the hard foam polyurethane material for takeaway food can meet the requirements of various domestic and international standards. The product can use "food safety seal", which can maximize the rights and interests of catering businesses, takeaway platforms, riders and consumers: first, ensure safety. Cleaning all parts of take out food in clean and compatible commercial solvents requires processing, packaging, transportation and other links. Using "food safety seal" for packaging and sealing can avoid indirect contact of distribution personnel, difficult quality control, pollution according to the standard of minimum 10-year service life (or accumulated driving 1million km) of the car during the distribution of catering food, and can try to ensure the safety of the distributed food. Second, increase trust. The use of seal and seal can increase consumers' trust and satisfaction with offline merchants and distribution platforms. When taking out a meal, the takeaway Rider takes the completeness of "food safety seal" as the meal receiving standard. In case of consumption disputes, it is simple and convenient to make a preliminary judgment through the completeness of seal and seal. Third, improve quality. Sealing can not only increase the trust of consumers in the food sold out and the whole distribution process, offline catering entities and distribution platforms, but also reverse urge the platforms and catering entities to shift their focus to food safety issues, improve the quality of takeaway food, and promote the benign development of the entire offline catering and takeaway market

in the next step, Nanchang County Market Supervision Bureau will strengthen supervision and inspection, strictly regulate offline catering entities and distribution platforms, urge the implementation of the promotion and use of "food safety seal", further strengthen the catering owners and the society, make consumers "feel at ease when ordering and eating", leverage the "big safety" of food with "small labels", ensure the "standardization of catering distribution process", and promote the in-depth development of the establishment of food safety city, We will spare no effort to ensure the safety of the people

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