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Nanchang University successfully developed high internal quantum silicon substrate technology to break the monopoly of Japan and the United States. On February 22, the author learned from the 2017 Jiangxi provincial education work conference that in order to commend the outstanding contributions made by the research team of Professor jiangfengyi of Nanchang University, the province decided to give a special reward of 10million yuan to the research team of Professor jiangfengyi for talent training, discipline construction, scientific and technological innovation, foreign exchange and cooperation and condition construction of the team

it is reported that the research team of Professor jiangfengyi of Nanchang University has "sharpened a sword in 19 years". After more than 3000 experiments on direct power supply and direct gas supply, it is the first in the world to successfully develop high internal quantum efficiency silicon substrate blue light le14 Rayschner D epitaxial material and single side blue LED chip with high light extraction efficiency and high reliability have taken the lead in realizing industrialization, breaking the technological monopoly of Japan and the United States in this field

the "high efficiency GaN based blue light emitting diode on silicon substrate" project of Professor jiangfengyi's research team won the first prize of the only national technological invention award in 2015, realizing the breakthrough of "zero" in this award in Jiangxi Province

it is understood that the Education Working Committee of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of education and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly requested the consent of the provincial government. It aims to "maintain the leading edge in LED research, promote the construction of 'Nanchang Optical Valley' and the development of LED industry in our province, and further stimulate the scientific and technological personnel in Colleges and universities throughout the province to continuously" push through the old to bring forth the new "to help the 3D printing boom, but only increase the innovation vitality."

thanks to the success of the "high luminous efficiency GaN based blue light emitting diode on silicon substrate" project, Jiangxi Province has mapped out the "road map" for the development of LED industry: by 2020, the main revenue of the LED industry in the province will exceed 100billion yuan, building Jiangxi into a full LED industry chain R & D, manufacturing and application base with international core competitiveness. Click the valve port on the main interface to reset until you hear the sound, so as to build Nanchang into a national led "Optical Valley"

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