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Multidimensional rectification of non-point source pollution and development of green ecological agriculture are justified and effective

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"the quality of agricultural products depends on the soil. If the soil is good, the quality will be good"

"more and more entrepreneurs and farmers turn to organic agriculture, creating considerable economic and ecological benefits"

"This year, we use organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer without pesticides, and the green ecological rice is very popular in the market"

"green ecological agricultural products are really popular in the market"

"zero carbon agriculture is to reduce agricultural energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible through a variety of means"

"we use solar energy insect trap lamps, and organic fertilizer comes from livestock and poultry farms"

"Relying on the zero carbon agricultural tea planting mode in the village, the family's tea garden with an area of more than one mu can earn sixorseven thousand a year"

"in the past, it was good to have a profit of 300 yuan per mu of rice planting, but now it has increased by 10 times"

what can the business research of ship segmentation and equipment manufacturing in the green agricultural team bring? Time gradually gave the answer

developing green agriculture and promoting high-quality agricultural development has become an effective way to control agricultural and rural non-point source pollution. To promote transformation and seek change, China has started to rectify and support it in many ways

for example, aiming at the main contradiction of agricultural non-point source pollution, we can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS - agricultural fertilizer packaging materials according to domestic and international standards provided by users

the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has issued guidance on the recycling and treatment of fertilizer packaging wastes, which clearly requires the classified disposal according to the function, material and reuse value of fertilizer packaging materials; The province takes the overall responsibility, the cities, counties and townships pay attention to the implementation, and the fertilizer producers, sellers and users fulfill the main body and recycling obligations; We will improve the green ecological oriented agricultural subsidy system

it is required to carry out pilot recycling and treatment of fertilizer packaging waste in 100 counties nationwide by 2022. More than 50% of the administrative villages in the pilot counties carried out the recycling and treatment of fertilizer packaging waste, and the recovery rate reached more than 80%. By 2025, the recovery rate of fertilizer packaging waste in pilot counties will reach more than 90%

for livestock and poultry waste

the notice on further clarifying the requirements for returning livestock and poultry manure to farmland and strengthening the supervision of breeding pollution and the notice on doing a good job in the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure in 2020 have been printed and distributed successively

on the one hand, we should further clarify the relevant standards and requirements for the return and utilization of livestock and poultry manure, comprehensively promote the resource utilization of livestock and poultry breeding wastes, strengthen environmental supervision, and speed up the construction of a new pattern of sustainable development with the combination of planting and breeding and the circulation of agriculture and animal husbandry

on the other hand, the whole county is required to promote the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure in the project to reach more than 90%, and the supporting rate of manure treatment facilities and equipment in large-scale breeding farms to reach 100%, so as to build a sustainable development mechanism of combining planting and breeding and recycling agriculture and animal husbandry; The scale farm manure treatment project ensures that the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure reaches more than 75%, and the matching rate of scale farm manure treatment facilities and equipment reaches more than 95%

from the perspective of overall planning, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has deployed to actively promote agricultural green production and increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products through the key points for green development of agricultural and rural areas in 2020; Strengthen the management of prominent environmental problems in agriculture and purify the environment of production areas; Strengthen the protection of agricultural resources and improve the efficiency of resource utilization; We will continue to improve the living environment in rural areas and improve the appearance of villages; We will strengthen overall planning and pilot projects, and consolidate the foundation for green agricultural development

in the guidelines for social capital investment in agriculture and rural areas, it directly puts forward the key investment field of ecological circular agriculture

support social capital to participate in the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure in Tangshan and Shanxi, increase by 40 yuan/ton, comprehensive utilization of straw, recycling of waste agricultural film, recycling and treatment of pesticide and fertilizer packaging waste, harmless treatment of dead livestock and poultry, recycling and reuse of waste fishing gear, and increase investment in the collection, storage, transportation and treatment system, field return management facilities, approved fishing gear, etc

encourage social capital to invest in the development and utilization of rural renewable energy, increase investment in the comprehensive construction of rural energy, promote the utilization technology of rural renewable energy, and explore new modes of straw bundling direct combustion and shaped fuel heating, biogas biological natural gas supply and heating

support social capital to participate in the pilot projects of ecological protection in the Yangtze and yellow river basins, black land protection in Northeast China, cultivated land protection and quality improvement, agricultural non-point source pollution control, heavy metal polluted cultivated land treatment and restoration, and planting structure adjustment

previously, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas also released the top ten leading technologies in 2020 to guide the development of green agriculture

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