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To speed up the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, Hunan plans to launch a major new science and technology special project

"next, we plan to launch a major new science and technology special project to speed up the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, so as to help protect Hunan 'one river, one lake, four waters and one green heart' and win the battle of pollution prevention and control." During the "National Conference on scientific and technological innovation for social development" held in Changsha on February 2-3, Liu Qi, deputy inspector of the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province, said

in recent years, Hunan has attached great importance to pollution prevention. There are more than 40000 community post stations in the country. Through the implementation of "science and technology +" "+ science and technology" action, Hunan has accelerated the extension and integration of scientific and technological innovation to key areas of environmental protection. Hexiuming, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province, introduced that since 2013, the province has implemented three "three-year action plans for the protection and governance of the Xiangjiang River", and issued the "Implementation Opinions on the full implementation of the river director system" and the "three-year action plan for pollution prevention and control in Hunan Province (2018-2020)", focusing on the key and difficult points of heavy metal pollution prevention and control, in the fields of clean smelting of non-ferrous metals, soil remediation and so on, More than 100 provincial science and technology projects have been implemented, and more than 10 projects have been supported by the national support plan and the national key R & D plan, forming a technology chain from "Solvay polymer materials to meet the growth needs of the Chinese market prevention - Governance - control - sustainable development"

at the same time, the province has established more than 30 national and provincial scientific and technological innovation platforms with the theme of Dongting Lake water environment treatment and ecological repair, improving the film blowing machine to the high-end level. The national heavy metal pollution prevention and control engineering technology center alone has successfully broken through more than 30 technologies such as biological treatment and reuse of heavy metal wastewater, and solved many world-wide problems such as sewage acid treatment and efficient recovery of antimony residue; It has established 12 industrial technology innovation strategic alliances such as "air pollution". Relying on the Asia Europe water resources research and Utilization Center, it has jointly implemented a large number of international cooperation projects with more than 50 Chinese and foreign water related institutions such as the German Hannover Water Association, with the goal of removing the polished and damaged layer of Dongting Lake wetland protection, and the governance of Changde through the purple river. In addition, the province took the lead in implementing the policy of government procurement of two types of products in the country. So far, six batches of Hunan government procurement catalogue of two types of products have been released, with a total of 1330 products promoted. Liu Qi said that after the launch of the special project for the construction of innovative provinces in Hunan, major projects in Heavy Metal Pollution Science and technology will be set up, the construction of innovation platforms in key fields and key generic technology research will be strengthened, a number of low-cost, effective and easy to operate pollution prevention and control technologies and equipment will be developed and promoted, and a number of good experience models will be explored, demonstrated and promoted in pollution control, green development and industrial upgrading

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