Top ten forecasts of American printing industry in

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The top ten forecasts of American printing industry in 2004

1. Remote Proofing: widely accepted. The reason is very simple. This method meets the demand of short operation cycle. The weight is 30kg, and there is almost no cost. Although some businesses still need actual contract samples, for many customers, screen soft proofing is enough

2. Digital printing: a year of popularity. In addition to convenient use, reliability and high quality will become new hot spots. The business direction is very possible, and the heat sealing strength performance can turn to manual samples with limited production and mailing advertisements

3. Submission of printing order: the standard operation technology of forms, manuals, stationery and so on has been relatively mature, and the operation can be ordered. For printing customers, they can submit orders anytime and anywhere without worrying about misestimating the print volume. For printing enterprises, the management cost is greatly reduced. The application of this technology gives enterprises more inspiration to develop projects with poor price sensitivity

4. MIS (but until about 15 seconds) will keep pace with the development of production process integration and e-commerce. Indian enterprises began to realize that to manage their business, they must adopt MIS system

5. Environmental factors: it has been gradually that the ruler lifting mechanism can be valued according to the thickness of the test piece, which is partly due to Greenpeace's attack on the use of paper in books. Large companies have begun to realize their responsibilities and require Indian enterprises and other cooperative enterprises to provide completely environmentally friendly solutions

6. Industry standards: printing customers are also trying to find printing enterprises that promise to adopt certain recognized industry standards. This will go far beyond ISO 9002 standards for the processing and manufacturing industry, and will also include environmental standards and a series of increasing printing standards. This in turn will bring pressure to the printing industry to develop long-term acceptable standards

7. Non impact printing plates: each printing plate supplier will test the non impact printing plates in the actual production environment. The formulation of environmental protection laws has enhanced the attraction of non impact printing plates. Alcohol substitutes are also very attractive. Many printing enterprises have begun to test waterless printing, and even apply it to practical operations

8. Heidelberg company: it will become the world's leading manufacturer of sheet fed printing presses by the end of 2004. The company has announced to abandon the research, development and production of rotary offset printing system, and will also readjust the development direction and focus in the field of digital printing

9. Prepress operation: in the shrinking prepress market, there are still too many companies trying to develop and produce plate making machines and engineering processes

10. Drupa Exhibition: This drupa exhibition is recognized as an exhibition to save the whole printing industry. As the global economic situation begins to improve, the printing industry will certainly improve if there is no catastrophic terrorist event. However, as banks are more cautious, it is difficult for enterprises to obtain financial support from banks

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