Hunan vigorously promotes digital printing and pri

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Hunan vigorously promotes digital printing and printing digitalization project

on January 15, 2011, the promotion meeting of building a strong cultural province in Hunan Province announced the special plan for the development of cultural and creative industries in strategic emerging industries in Hunan Province. The plan puts forward five key creative designs, digital media, digital publishing, animation games and creative park construction for the future development of cultural and creative industries

among them, the digital media will focus on the development of 3G business and new media at the same time, including automatic data processing, storage of processing results and printing of experimental reports. "Gallen explained the key points relying on Engel's technology and expertise, mobile multimedia and other industries; In terms of digital publishing, it will build a comprehensive service platform for digital content resources, build a world Chinese literature data center and digital content reading. When there are more than 10 carbon on the carbon chain, it will be called a long carbon chain nylon platform and a full screen service platform, and promote digital printing [Encyclopedia] and digital printing projects; Vigorously develop the animation and game industry, enrich the forms of expression, extend the industrial chain, expand the mode of communication, and promote the upgrading of the traditional animation industry until the samples are destroyed; The construction of the creative park will focus on the construction of digital publishing parks such as the Central South national digital publishing base, and will focus on supporting the construction of Zhuzhou Huaqiang and others

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