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Since the reform and opening-up, the packaging industry in Hunan Province has gradually developed into a relatively complete and independent industrial system with modern technology and equipment from an industry that is scattered, weak in technical strength, backward in management and not valued by people. It has played an important role in promoting the development of the provincial national economy and the prosperity of the market, and has become an indispensable and important link in the development of the socialist market economy

198 electronic tensile testing machine is widely used in material inspection of building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries JTG D50 - Analysis of design specifications for highway asphalt pavement. In 0, there were only 197 packaging enterprises above county level in Hunan Province, with 40000 employees, fixed assets of 200million yuan, and the total output value of packaging industry of 350million yuan, The annual economic losses caused by poor packaging or rough handling are nearly 300million yuan. There is a great shortage of packaging professionals, the original and backward commodity packaging, and the backward situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging, and third-class prices" exists in export commodities. Product packaging not only directly affects the benefits of enterprises, but also drags down the development of national economy. Since the reform and opening up, the packaging industry in Hunan Province has entered the track of rapid development. At present, there are more than 600 Packaging Industrial Enterprises above the county level in the province, and more than 2400 large and small printing enterprises. In order to adapt to the development of the national economy in the province, the packaging industry has increased the intensity of capital construction and technological transformation, and the technological and product innovation ability has been greatly enhanced. At the same time, the management level of packaging repair enterprises has also been greatly improved. Packaging improvement has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, and packaging science and education work has made remarkable achievements, The management of the packaging industry has formed a network, and the work has been fruitful. The output value of the packaging industry has doubled, reaching more than 6.5 billion yuan. The packaging industry ranks 16th among the 38 major departments in the province. It is a precision testing instrument for measuring the mechanical performance, process performance, internal defects of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under various conditions and environments, and for verifying the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts, Packaging plays an important role in the national economy

I. leaders at all levels attach importance to packaging awareness

since 1986, Hunan Provincial Packaging Association and the provincial packaging reform office have organized three large-scale packaging improvement experience exchange meetings under the leadership of the provincial economic and Trade Commission. The municipal governments, especially the responsible comrades of the Economic Commission, put the packaging work on the agenda, vigorously supported the local packaging Association and the packaging office to carry out various activities, and seriously solved their problems in staffing, activity funds, and office conditions. It is precisely because of the attention of leaders at all levels that packaging, a cross regional, cross departmental, cross industry and relatively backward industry, has developed rapidly, and the status of the packaging industry has been gradually improved

at the same time, Hunan Packaging Association has been taking improving people's awareness of packaging and strengthening the publicity of the importance of packaging as an important work. The Provincial Packaging Association and the prefecture and City Packaging Association have sponsored, edited and printed various publications and materials, such as Hunan packaging, Changsha packaging, packaging world, etc; Organized or participated in more than 40 large-scale packaging exhibitions; Organized the production of "Hunan packaging improvement video"; The film "packaging improvement" was screened more than 110 times in cooperation with relevant departments, and the audience of the film reached 115000. In particular, through the major inspection and improvement of packaging since 1984, the awareness of various departments and industries on the importance of packaging has been significantly improved. This work involves production enterprises and business units in industry, transportation, commerce, foreign trade and many other departments. Through self-examination, mutual examination and spot check, it reflects that the problems existing in the packaging damage, rough handling, storage, transportation and sales in Hunan Province at that time are relatively serious. For example, in 1983, due to poor packaging, the goods were damaged, and the amount of foreign claims reached more than 230000 yuan. Zhuzhou food and miscellaneous fruit company purchased more than 160000 loads of food and miscellaneous fruit. Due to the use of gunny bags, bamboo baskets and earth jars as packaging, the damage of goods reached 9%, causing economic losses of more than 520000 yuan. While searching for problems, all units have also formulated corresponding improvement measures to reduce package damage and increase benefits. Through the major inspection and improvement of packaging, leaders at all levels and the broad masses of the people have greatly enhanced their understanding of the importance of packaging, and a large number of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials have been promoted and applied. There are 180 advanced collectives and 39 advanced individuals in the province, and more than 1100 new packaged products have been rated as excellent packaging products at or above the provincial level. 11 packaged products such as Xihan ancient wine have won the "world star" award, 3 packages have won the "Asian Star" award, and 2 products have won the "China Star" award. These achievements have greatly encouraged the workers in the packaging industry and promoted the rapid development of the packaging industry in the province

The packaging industry in Hunan Province was once a weak link in the national economy, with poor foundation, weak foundation and relatively backward technical equipment. In order to adapt to the development of the national economy of the province, the packaging industry has increased the intensity of capital construction and technological innovation. During the "sixth five year plan" to "Eighth Five Year Plan", the packaging industry of the province has arranged a total investment of 830 million yuan in packaging raw and auxiliary materials, packaging containers More than 250 technological transformations have been carried out in the production fields of packaging printing and packaging machinery, and more than 220 enterprises have been newly built, expanded and transformed. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, with the gradual construction of the social market economy, enterprises have increasingly become the main body of technological progress and product upgrading. They are market-oriented and benefit oriented, pay attention to the transformation of traditional industries with advanced technology, and improve their own technological innovation and product innovation ability. For example, Changsha Taichang Industrial Co., Ltd. established a Sino foreign joint venture with relevant enterprises in September last year. The primex-p451 two-color metal printing machine and supporting equipment with international advanced level in Japan have been introduced. After being put into operation, the grade of metal packaging products in Hunan Province has been improved and the development of related industries has been promoted. At present, the province has plastic hollow containers, woven bags, composite flexible packaging production lines, pulp molding products production lines, iron printing can production lines, fully automatic seven layer, five layer and three layer corrugated cardboard production lines, and two-color metal printing machines, Four pack die-cutting printing machine, five color offset printing machine, six color rotary gravure printing machine, eight color offset printing rotary machine, laser anti-counterfeiting identification and other production equipment. The enterprise also actively adopts computer technology, advanced materials and advanced technology, which can produce all kinds of corrugated boxes, paper bags, paper barrels, color boxes, pulp molded plastic composite bags, square bottom valve pockets, metal cans, necking barrels and convenience barrels, and also points out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China. Various types of steel barrels, beverage canning production lines, single-sided corrugated cardboard production lines, offset printing machines, folding machines, bamboo plywood Honeycomb paperboard, environmental protection ink, environmental protection lunch box and all kinds of packaging paper and other products. Hunan packaging industry has not only increased the variety of products year by year, but also significantly increased the output of major packaging products. According to incomplete statistics, the province's paper packaging products reached 418000 tons in 1998; Plastic packaging products reached 290000 tons; The number of glass products reached 24.99 billion. It is precisely because of the development of the packaging industry in the province that the original and backward product packaging has been basically eliminated, the competitiveness of products has been improved, commodity sales have been promoted, the market has been active and prosperous, and the needs of the national economic development of the province have been basically met

III. adhere to the improvement of technical quality of promoting packaging through science and education

in 1983, Hunan Packaging Association conducted a survey on the distribution of professional and technical personnel in the paper products industry. The result was that there were only more than 30 technicians in more than 50 carton factories. Over the past two decades, the leaders at all levels of the provincial packaging industry management organization have realized that in order to make the packaging industry meet the needs of the development of the national economy and make a greater development of itself, we must rely on scientific and technological progress and vigorously improve the quality and professional technical level of workers. They have held various creative classes, training classes, correspondence classes and academic lectures at various levels, channels and forms to train more than 10000 cadres and workers. For example, Hengyang Baoxie held two consecutive art design training courses shortly after its establishment, and trained 42 art workers, which was welcomed by packaging enterprises. The Provincial Packaging Corporation has also established the Hunan Branch of China packaging engineering correspondence college, with specialized courses in sales, transportation and packaging, and a total of 126 cadres have been trained. At the same time, with the strong support of the provincial government and relevant departments, bureaus and companies, Zhuzhou Institute of technology also added three majors of packaging design, packaging printing and packaging enterprise management in the autumn of 1985, and on this basis, it has developed into the only undergraduate institution of higher learning in the national packaging system. At present, there are 7 colleges and universities and 11 secondary professional and vocational schools in the province that offer packaging majors or courses in packaging. They have trained a large number of packaging professionals for the country, completed a large number of scientific research and product development projects, and played an important role in promoting the development of Hunan packaging industry

in the past 20 years, under the auspices of the Provincial Packaging Association and the Provincial Packaging Corporation, 67 scientific research projects have been completed, and more than 120 new materials and products have been developed. Some of these products have filled the gap in the province, and some have reached the domestic advanced level. After the initial establishment of China's socialist market economic system, the majority of enterprises have realized that market competition is essentially talent competition. All enterprises have strengthened the construction of enterprise scientific and technological talent team, formulated medium and long-term talent training plans, and established an incentive mechanism conducive to the growth and role of technical talents. For many years, Hunan Wanrong Packaging Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the basis of technological progress, actively using international advanced science and technology, and has done a lot of work in talent training, information collection, product development and other aspects, and made arduous efforts. The company spent more than 400000 yuan on technology development. They took the method of inviting in and sending out to train employees and technical backbones; Employ nationally renowned experts and scholars to serve as consultants of the enterprise; Provide a stage for professional and technical personnel to display their talents. In recent years, they have developed six series of three-layer co extruded liquid milk packaging films, yogurt cups and cup cover films of various specifications. The products are sold to more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, enjoying the reputation of "thousands of dairy products, 10000 capacity packaging". At the same time, they also paid attention to the construction of corporate culture, created a harmonious working and living environment for employees, and ensured the smooth progress of enterprise reform and development

IV. constantly deepen the reform and management innovation

most of the packaging enterprises in Hunan Province are small and medium-sized enterprises, and enterprise management has always been a weak link, especially in the fierce market competition, some enterprises have been very difficult to operate. Strengthening enterprise management and transforming the construction system has become an urgent task for enterprises. For this reason, the provincial contracting association has done a lot of coordination and service work. First, they require enterprises to choose the development mode according to their own conditions in accordance with the principle of "three benefits"; Second, timely introduce the experience and practices of successful enterprises in the transit system; Third, coordinate services, strengthen price and quality supervision, and maintain a fair competition environment. With the care and help of the association and relevant departments, most enterprises

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