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Hunan: strive to build more than 300 kilometers of expressways in 2017

Hunan: strive to build more than 300 kilometers of expressways in 2017

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the opening of the two sessions, with the beginning of the Spring Festival transportation, many people set foot on their way home. From the opening of Changsha Maglev to the opening of Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway, the urban transportation is becoming more and more convenient, and it is more and more convenient to go home

the government work report proposes that through four to five years of efforts, every city and state will have high-speed rail and every county and city will have high-speed highways. In order to achieve these goals, Hunan will strive to build more than 300 kilometers of expressways and more than 1000 kilometers of trunk roads in 2017. At the same time, it will focus on promoting the Chang Yi (expansion) Expressway and the projects under construction such as Huai Shao Heng, Zhang Ji Huai and Qian Zhang Chang railways, Strive to start the construction of the Chang Yi Chang high-speed railway within this year... "It is suggested to strive for the addition of a South extension of the Zhang Ji Huai high-speed railway to connect Zhangjiajie and Guilin, two well-known tourist cities, with high-speed railway", "it is suggested to build a highway from Xupu to Dongkou as the connecting line between Shanghai Kunming Expressway and Lou Huai expressway, to open up mountain roads and connect poor villages"... As in previous years, at this year's provincial and National People's Congress, The voice of building and promoting the extension and development of high-speed rail and highways for end products such as fine chemicals and textiles has become one of the hot topics

"in 2016, Hunan accelerated the improvement of transportation, energy, water conservancy, information and other infrastructure networks, with 427 kilometers of new highways and 1094 kilometers of newly reconstructed trunk highways. The new and reconstructed rural highways should try to make the longitudinal symmetry plane of the instrument and the axis of the sample in the same plane, and the road should be more than 10000 kilometers; the construction of Zhang Ji Huai high-speed railway, Changyi (capacity expansion), longlang and other expressways began." Bayer integrated 150 proposal reports. The government work report introduced the achievements of Hunan in transportation construction in the past year

both the government work report and the national development and Reform Commission report pointed out that in 2017, Hunan will continue to promote the construction of major projects and will implement 300 provincial-level major projects

in terms of transportation, we should coordinate all kinds of transportation modes, such as highway, railway, water, air and intercity transportation, speed up the improvement of the basic network, strengthen the hub position, open up internal and external channels, and build a comprehensive transportation hub system with interconnection within and outside the province, wide coverage of regional urban and rural areas, perfect hub node functions, integrated and efficient transportation services, connecting north and South and connecting East and West

highway we have not only successfully manufactured stable component construction, but also should comprehensively promote the construction of national high-speed railway, expansion of busy road sections, county expressway, provincial exit channel and other projects, focus on the expressway under construction such as Changyi, longlang, Yongji, and speed up the preliminary work of Pingyi, Jingli, Luci and other projects. Strive to open 772 kilometers of expressways, build more than 1000 kilometers of trunk roads, and improve the quality of 8000 kilometers of rural roads

the railway construction will focus on the construction of zhangjihuai, huaishaoheng, Guizhou Zhangchang, Menghua and other projects, strive to start the construction of the Chongqing Changsha Xiamen high-speed railway Changyi Changzhou section within this year, and promote the construction of a "one ring and eight shooting" high-speed railway network centered on Changsha

civil aviation construction will continue to do a good job in the preliminary work of the eastward expansion project such as Huanghua Airport Terminal 3, open two to three new intercontinental routes, and build a regional aviation hub. Accelerate the construction of Yueyang, Wugang, Chenzhou, Xiangxi and other feeder airports

water transportation, highlight the construction of high-grade channels under construction and key ports and wharves such as Chenglingji, and start the dredging project of the Yongzhou Hengyang channel of the Xiangjiang River

energy construction accelerate the construction of major projects such as energy input channels outside the province, such as Jiuhu and the new Guangdong Zhejiang Hunan section, agricultural transformation, upgrading smart electricity, and gasification Hunan. We will strengthen the construction of distributed energy sources such as geothermal energy and photovoltaic energy, and promote clean energy. Protect the Taohuajiang nuclear power plant site

water conservancy construction accelerates the construction of Dongting Lake flood storage safety project, urban flood control project above the county level, key water source project, sponge City, etc., and promotes the expansion of centian River, the construction of Mangshan, Maojun, important dikes of Dongting Lake, huanggai lake and other major projects

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