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China news, January 27 (Xinhua) -- since January 10 this year, most parts of southern China and the eastern part of Northwest China have experienced extreme weather, which has been rare since the founding of the people's Republic of China, with continuous and large-scale low temperature, rain, snow and freezing. At present, 17 provinces (districts and cities) across the country have cut off power

the national coal, electricity and oil transportation security work video conference urgently held by the State Council this afternoon revealed that this extreme weather, coupled with the increase in coal and electricity consumption in winter, the arrival of the spring transportation peak, and the early holiday of some local coal mines, the coal, electricity and oil transportation security work is facing a very severe situation

in 17 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) across the country, power cuts have occurred, some transmission lines have fallen towers and broken lines due to icing, some local roads have been interrupted, the Shanghai Kunming railway has been interrupted, the electrified railway of the Hunan Guizhou railway has been suspended for a time, 136 trains in the Hunan section of the Beijing Guangzhou railway of the north and South arteries have been blocked, resulting in a large number of passengers stranded. The continuous freezing also caused the water pipe to freeze and crack, and some preheating devices: chaijie, the partner in charge of overseas investment of cable core pre Tianyuan law firm, told reporters that heat is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion, and residents have difficulty drinking water. Serious meteorological disasters have affected the normal production and living order in these areas

according to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, most areas of southern China will still have rain and snow in the next 10 days, and some areas may have Blizzard and freezing weather, which will also have a significant impact on transportation, communication transmission, energy supply and people's life and production in these areas

Wang Yumin, vice chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission, said at the meeting that since the beginning of winter, with the reduction of national temperature, the power load in winter has continued to grow rapidly, and the problem of tight supply of power coal is very prominent. The coal storage of power plants has decreased, and the shutdown has increased. Affected by the low water, the hydropower output is lower than that in previous years. A total of 17 provincial-level power supplies in the country are tight, and the largest power gap in the country is close to 40million kW, reaching 10% of the unified power load, It has a great impact on the safe and stable operation of the power system

Wang Yumin said that recently, central, Eastern and southern China, especially Guizhou and Hunan, have been hit by strong rain and snow since the beginning of winter. Due to the serious icing and snowing of transmission lines, the power facilities in these areas have been damaged to varying degrees. In some areas, electrolytic trains have been operated, and even all power supplies have been interrupted. Especially in Guizhou and other regions, the weather conditions continue to deteriorate, and the power supply situation is very serious. At present, the 500 kV power grid in Guizhou is basically paralyzed, and Guizhou power is divided into three parts to operate separately. The 220 kV low-voltage distribution lines of Guizhou electric power were damaged to varying degrees in a large range, resulting in 41 cities and counties in the province being affected by power outages. At present, electric power enterprises and all sectors of society have actively taken measures to mobilize rescue forces to rush to repair

Wang Yumin said that at present, the strong rain, snow and low temperature weather is still continuing, and the bad weather has further increased the difficulties of power coal transportation, which has a significant impact on the safe production and operation of power and the orderly supply of power. How to deal with the damage of electronic universal testing machine accessories? As of January 26, 18 500 kV lines of Huazhong power still have been shut down. At present, the 500 kV main frame of Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., which was the most severely damaged in Central China, has been gradually restored, and the power supply load has been restored by 70%. The lines that have not yet been restored are being actively repaired. At about 3 a.m. on the 26th, the 10 kV Gongtai line in Leiyang, Hunan Province, was shut down due to an accident. The disconnection and pole fall affected the railway, resulting in the interruption of the Beijing Guangzhou railway. After several hours of emergency repair, the railway operation gradually returned to normal. However, with the change of climate, the low-voltage power in some areas may be further damaged by ice and snow, which still poses a serious threat to the power supply of residents' lives, railway transportation and other important users

Wang Yumin said that at present, the shortage of power coal has not improved significantly. As of January 25, about 21.42 million tons of coal had been stored in the national electricity and coal warehouses, less than half of the normal coal storage. The average rate of decline is nearly 300000 tons per day, and the situation is grim. There are 89 power plants with coal storage less than three days, involving a power generation capacity of 77.95 million KW, more than one tenth of the total installed capacity of the country. Nationwide, 39.9 million KW were shut down due to coal shortage, 24.02 million KW were shut down due to coal shortage within the national coverage, and 15.88 million KW were shut down due to fuel supply and natural disasters within the southern coverage

Wang Yumin expresses your satisfaction with our biggest receipt. According to the above situation, the Power Regulatory Commission requires power enterprises to seriously implement the instructions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and enhance social awareness and overall situation awareness. One is to ensure the safe operation of electricity, especially the main equipment. Second, all power generation enterprises should ensure safe and stable operation, obey the overall situation, and strictly implement the dispatching discipline. Third, on the premise of ensuring safety, power enterprises in disaster stricken areas should actively organize emergency repair forces, do a good job in disaster relief and restore power supply as soon as possible. Fourth, all power enterprises actively cooperate with the local government to do a good job in demand side management, formulate the sequence table of power supply and power failure, and do a good job in orderly power supply, so as to ensure the domestic power consumption of important users and residents such as transportation, coal mines, hospitals, etc., and ensure social order. Fifth, all power enterprises should make emergency plans and anti accident measures, and formulate emergency plans to deal with local power outages in view of the possible bad weather in the next few days, so as to be prepared. Sixth, affected by the disastrous weather and the shortage of electricity and coal, all power regulatory agencies and power enterprises immediately launched emergency plans and entered the emergency state. (according to the live text broadcast of the Chinese government)

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