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Europe boosts the integrated digital market: League of heroes on industry 4.0 platform

in February 2017, the "EU digital industry" stakeholder forum was held in Essen, Germany. The Federal Ministry of economy and energy of Germany, as the organizer, held the first industry 4.0 stakeholder forum and formulated a European Industrial 4.0 cooperation framework for "industrial digitalization in Europe"

the concept of industry 4.0 is working again, like Germany's iron anchor in the EU, once again setting the pace of European industry. In the context of populism sweeping Europe, we will unswervingly continue to promote industrial informatization cooperation among EU countries and build an integration platform that spans government organizations and languages. In order to maintain the leading position of European industry, it is obviously necessary to have clear rules and practical cooperation of transnational borders. Under the "banner of industry 4.0", 500 delegates from all over Europe mainly discussed transnational cooperation in the fields of test bed and standard unification

as the host, the industry 4.0 platform basically covers all the content links of the whole forum, including speeches and on-site demonstrations

industry 4.0 platform is becoming an all inclusive basket

industry 4.0 annual forum was fixed for the first time

"digitalization is a new driving force for the growth of European industrial competitiveness, and we must promote it to better create value for our society and market economy in the decision-making of digital transformation", said g ü nther Oettinger, former European commission member in charge of digital economy and public family undertakings. The German CDU politician who once made inappropriate remarks about China: he once disparaged the Chinese business delegation in the exposed speech video, although he later apologized for his inappropriate remarks

the industry 4.0 stakeholder forum will be held annually from this year to discuss the common goals and solutions of industry 4.0. In addition to regulatory and regulatory issues, participants also conducted in-depth exchanges in the field of practice. Matthias machnig, Deputy Minister of economy and energy of Germany, stressed the importance of this forum: "as a pioneer in the field of industry 4.0, we expect to emphasize the necessity of international cooperation in the first industry 4.0 stakeholder forum as the host, so as to promote policy and economic changes"

in six seminars and three keynote speeches, participants from all over Europe held in-depth discussions in Essen on topics such as building a digital single market, information technology security, testing centers and professional talent protection

under the topic of information technology security, everyone generally pays attention to safe and reliable data processing and data protection in the communication between enterprises. In the topic of test center, we discussed the closer connection in Europe. "Industry 4.0 can be successful only through international cooperation.

the alliance of industry 4.0

Bernd leukert, director of sap, believes that innovation at the national level is crucial, and the related European cooperation is only a matter of time. This is critical to maintaining Europe's leading position in the industry worldwide.

at the same time, as the chairman of the industry 4.0 platform leading group, leukert believes that the national initiative Discussion played a pioneering role in it. The link of European activities is to prepare for the next step to promote the necessary global standardization "

for the display part, the synchronous cooperation between European test information centers using large-area LCD will be discussed at the EU level, and it is planned to promote its integration and development from model to bonding mechanism through the administrative party at the EU level

in practice, the test bed plays a decisive role. As a professional training and further education sector, the industry 4.0 platform brought work suggestions and practical cases from experts from enterprises, trade unions and scientific research experts to the seminar

in Europe, with the shock caused by the brexit of the UK, more countercurrent symbolizing populism and anti globalization has swept Europe like the domino effect. The Northern League of Italy, the right-wing Liberal Party of the Netherlands, and even in Austria and Germany, have different degrees of right-wing forces taking advantage of the refugee crisis to collect political capital, and even issued a call for brexit on this basis. The EU is experiencing the biggest test since the birth of the "European Community"

2017 was even called the "year of awakening" by Le Pen, the leader of the French far right party, who should slowly and steadily rise to the normal voltage value when the French far right politics increased the voltage, but macron's election as president temporarily smoothed and suppressed this trend

the basic tone of the so-called "patriotic spring" in Europe is anti establishment, lifting trade barriers, and even border control. This is contrary to the basic tenet of the free flow of human capital and goods that the EU believes in, and the industrial upgrading that the EU is facing now is an innovation in production capacity, economic structure and even people's lifestyle, which will have a far-reaching impact on the EU's sensitive and mobile job market. It can be said that in the past two years, the new and old, cooperation and confrontation of the EU will be tit for tat. At such a point in time, the cooperation on the topic of industry 4.0 is accelerated, making the industry 4.0 platform an international collaboration network in Europe and the world

the industry 4.0 stakeholder forum is a good opportunity for the industry 4.0 platform to deepen and expand the existing European bilateral cooperation, such as Du futur in France and Fabrica intelligent in Italy. There is also full dialogue with partners outside Europe, such as the industrial interconnection alliance of the United States and Japan's robot revolution strategy. Of course, this also includes the docking of made in China 2025

obviously, it is becoming the central network to promote the digital upgrading of German industry 4.0, and has become increasingly active. Now it has formed close cooperation with 159 organizations around the world in politics, industry, science and trade

perhaps this is the tradition of the German Corps. As one of the largest national and international networking platforms, it is the backbone leading the industrial upgrading of medium-sized companies

industry 4.0 has become the most exciting resuscitant in industry, and the industry 4.0 platform is bonding various external forces. Its power seems to go beyond the boundaries defined by industry 4.0

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