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Can glass fire doors be used as "interior doors" in Europe

I. can fire doors conforming to en 16034/en be used inside buildings - that is, indoor doors? Yes, there are official regulations in some countries, such as Italy and Austria. In Germany, the construction supervision department does not approve the installation of outdoor aisle doors indoors. Our province will build a batch of industrial parks with distinctive characteristics and complete industrial chain. The premise is that it is a "real" outdoor passage door with relevant certificates, such as U value, but it also distinguishes 2D and 2E climate levels

II. In practice, what does it mean that en (indoor door product standard) is not unified with the current fire protection standard EN 16034

for interior doors, maintain compliance with en in national procedures. In Germany, the approval/type approval is based on repair. The above is the approval process after the electronic universal experimental machine rises and falls regardless of the reason shared by the technicians. From the middle of 2020, another option is based on the approval of hierarchical reports and exap reports. Approval of individual cases and type approval related to the project can be carried out. In other countries, classification and exap reports have been used as the basis or direct use of national availability certificates. In some countries, the national procedures that have been adopted are still fully effective

III. is there a feasible solution for factory production control (WPK) of the two monitoring systems of ü mark and CE mark

since the requirements of factory production control and the monitoring of ü mark and CE mark are very similar, a general monitoring system can be used and set. Only some steps of each product need to be managed separately, such as the gradual use of computer technology to the experimental machine, "CE mark" and "performance statement" instead of "U mark" and its archiving

IV. which institutions can/must support various monitoring systems (U logo and CE logo) in the future

in Germany, DIBt appoints relevant agencies to monitor the approval/type approval of factory production control (WPK). The designated product certification authority is responsible for the monitoring and certification of products with CE mark. The monitoring can be carried out by the certification authority itself or with their entrusted partners. IFT Rosenheim is recognized and recognized by two certification systems

v. fire doors with general building permit (ABZ) must be marked with metal nameplate. Does this regulation also apply to fire barriers in accordance with en 16034

in en 16034, there are no provisions on the design or materials of labels. It just has to be easy to read. It may be, for example, a metal nameplate, sticker or engraving

VI. the installation conditions of fire barrier (FSA) have been specified in detail in the approval/type approval of general construction supervision department, because the installation has a significant impact on the performance of FSA. How does the CE compliant FSA ensure this

in the provisions of CE marking, the manufacturer must also provide the installation and maintenance instructions of its products, as well as all detailed information that must be considered during installation. The system user obtains installation instructions from the system supplier. In Germany, the corresponding requirements are specified in DIN 18093 "fire and/or smoke barriers - installation and maintenance" and building technical regulations. The installation instructions are described here

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