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Focusing on the new goals and tasks of forestry ecological construction, we will deepen the reform of state-owned forest farms, successfully complete the two main tasks of "protecting the ecology and protecting the people's livelihood", and spare no effort to maintain ecological security

Ma Qinglin and his party successively went to Lianhuashan National Nature Reserve, Yeliguan Forest Farm, zizhugou management station of cheba forest farm and muergou management station of ye'er forest farm to observe the ecological protection and forest construction, and understand in detail the forestry ecological restoration, management mechanism innovation, social security system construction and support policy implementation, so as to avoid dust entering the internal situation

Ma Qinglin stressed that the reform of state-owned forest farms should establish a new system of state-owned forest farms that is conducive to protecting and developing forest resources, improving ecology and people's livelihood, and enhancing the vitality of forestry development, and implement the strictest management system of forest land and forest resources. We should accelerate the economic transformation of forest areas, promote the gradual recovery and stable growth of forest resources, strengthen ecological restoration and construction, and provide ecological services for the protection of forests. We should encourage and support state-owned forest farms to vigorously develop special industries such as nursery stock cultivation, forest re mixed into urban household garbage, tourism, forest by-product processing, planting and breeding under the forest, and promote the employment and income increase of the poor people in the forest region and the rural areas adjacent to the forest region by supporting migrant workers and purchasing services. We should base ourselves on the reality of state-owned forest farms, actively strive for national policy support, and work hard to solve the difficulties and problems of forest farm workers

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