Cokeli, the largest chemical fiber giant, will bui

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According to Kyodo news, Japanese chemical fiber giant Kuraray announced on the 5th that it would build a new factory in Texas to produce polyvinyl alcohol resins used as adhesives and other products. The investment of the factory is about 20billion yen (about 1.6 billion yuan), which will be put into operation in 2014

kelaoli will actively use the new natural gas "shale gas" whose sharp production scale in the United States may also affect the expansion of the final test results before the start of the experimental machine, so as to reduce the cost of raw materials and fuel when the load is no longer rising. The annual capacity of the new plant is 40000 tons, which will increase to 60000 tons around 2016

Cola Li said, "this move is intended to meet the demand of the central and South American market, which is growing at a rate of 4-5% per year."

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