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Specification for painting and acceptance of anti-corrosion coatings for oil storage tanks issued

specification for painting and acceptance of anti-corrosion coatings for oil storage tanks issued

September 13, 2007

[China paint information] due to the increasingly prominent problems of electrostatic conductivity safety and corrosion prevention of oil storage tanks, the State Administration of work safety and other competent departments attach great importance to this, so they have successively issued gb13348 "safety code for electrostatic conductivity of liquid petroleum products" Mandatory national standards such as gbl5599 "safety code for lighting and thunder of petroleum and petroleum facilities", gb16906 "determination of resistivity of electrostatic conductive coatings for petroleum tanks" and GB6950 "safe static conductivity of light oil products" to guide and ensure the safe operation of petroleum products storage and transportation. However, at present, there is a lack of supporting electrostatic conductive anti-corrosion coating coating and acceptance specifications. In order to completely and comprehensively implement the safety operation regulations for oil storage tanks, this specification is organized and formulated at the request of petroleum, petrochemical, aviation oil and other departments to comprehensively ensure the safe operation of storage tanks

the finalized "specification" reflects that the coating not only meets the requirements of domestic and foreign electrostatic conductive luggage lining foaming materials, but also takes into account the requirements of safety and environmental protection in order to meet the requirements of European Union laws on green materials, as well as the requirements of anti-corrosion. This is fundamentally different from the requirements for the surface resistivity of the coating in the "technical specification for corrosion protection engineering of steel oil tanks" drafted by SINOPEC Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company under the entrustment of the construction laboratory machine and Lenovo Microcomputer Design Department (JB 2004 No. 67 document). Its "steel creates opportunities for more industry peers to understand! Technical specification for corrosion protection engineering of oil tanks" only highlights the requirements for insulation and corrosion protection, However, there are still defects in safety assurance

before the release of this specification, the China Coating Industry Association and the national standard management group of the specification for the detection of electrostatic conductive coatings for oil tanks jointly issued a document on January 9, 2006, which was submitted to the National Standardization Administration Committee and the chemical safety department of the State Administration of production safety for filing as "Zhong Tu Xie (2006) Xie Zi No. 001 document". The superior department affirmed this work

this specification is recommended to be implemented by the engineering and management departments in the petroleum, petrochemical, aviation oil, coating and other industries, and under the trend of lightweight, intensive and ecological automobile industry. The issuing unit will continue to listen to and collect opinions and suggestions on the specification. All relevant departments are requested to feed back their opinions and organize revision at an appropriate time after implementation for a period of time

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