The hottest polyester chips continue to probe down

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Polyester chips continue to explore the downward trend of polyester, and it is difficult to change

polyester chips: the market is still declining under the downturn of market demand. Generally, the transaction in Jiangsu market fell to 9800 yuan/ton. In March, it was accepted or half accepted, and half cash was sent to the transaction, and the lowest market was 9700 yuan/ton. The supply of Youguang slice in Zhejiang has decreased. At present, the mainstream supply of Youguang slice is in several enterprises, and the mainstream transaction of spot is 9900 yuan/ton. The acceptance and self delivery in March, and the lower 9800 yuan/ton has been transacted. The cationic chip market is even worse, and the market is seriously oversupplied. The transaction price in Jiangsu market is at the acceptance and buyout price of yuan/ton in June, and the transaction price in Zhejiang market is still at the cash price of yuan/ton. The price of bottle pieces is weak. 2. Higher requirements are put forward for the clamping jaw of the experimental machine: the clamping surface is long, has high hardness and toughness, and the clamping tooth surface is treated with a certain technology;, The factory inventory is high, and the current average market price is 11350 yuan/t. The upstream PTA raw material market is unstable. This week, the PTA quotation issued by the polyester raw material Traders Association in East China was 8200 yuan/ton, 150 yuan/ton lower than last week. At present, the price quoted by traders in the market is 7800 yuan/ton, but the buyer's intention to receive goods is at 7600 yuan/ton level, and the transaction intention price is at 7700 yuan/ton level. It seems that the focus of the spot polyester chip price in the market continues to decline slightly

polyester Market: the ex factory price of polyester factories in Xiaoshao and Tongxiang is still stable, but some factories can make a profit of yuan/ton when some DTY varieties with large inventory are sold in batches, while coarse denier FDY varieties such as 15 displacement accuracy: 0.01mm, the maximum distance between two pressure plates: 220mm/250mm0d. The mainstream price in the market still falls slightly, for example, some local big factories and old customers with a lower price of 11200 yuan/ton also begin to sell, POY's overall sales situation is poor. Shengze Jiaxing polyester trading atmosphere is also light. At the same time, the market transaction price is relatively chaotic, and some varieties make up a small decline. The trading volume has rebounded slightly in the past two days, focusing on the mainstream varieties fdy50d, 54d and 63d. Among them, the current market center price of 63d is 12600 yuan/t left and right, and the low ex factory price of some foreign factories is 12400 yuan/t. From the perspective of variety trend, dty75d/36f (strong) and dty75d black silk continue to maintain a dynamic sales state. In addition, dty100d/144f and 150d/288f can also be sold in the market. There are also FDY 75d/72f and 66d/48f, which are mainly used for polyester Qiaoqi, Huayao and other fabrics due to the small increase in the production of silk simulation. The downstream demand has also been amplified, and the current prices are 13100 yuan/t and 13200 yuan/t respectively. In contrast, cationic FDY varieties can be traded, especially the downstream consumption of 68D has increased, which is mainly used for the production of jacquard series of water jet looms, but it is estimated that the future price will also have downward pressure. The trading volume of texturing POY products is insufficient, but the demand for POY silk for weaving is also very poor. The starting rate of looms in this region is not high, and the production structure of downstream weaving products has been adjusted, and the demand for conventional polyester varieties has been reduced. Therefore, polyester will still face downward pressure in the near future. We know that the analysis, cause and treatment of plastic granulator problems are the top priority and preliminary conclusion of extending the application life and normal operation of granulator. At present, although the overall quotation of the polyester market seems to be stable, the huge polyester inventory remains in the spinning manufacturers, so on the whole, the polyester market still has the momentum to continue to adjust downward in the future

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