The hottest polyester chip market remains depresse

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The polyester chip market is still depressed.

this week, the polyester chip market in East China did not improve, the trading volume continued to shrink, and the market was still in a depressed state. Our technical team and R & D engineers actively cooperated with customers for semi dull large polyester chips. The market quotation was 9800 ~ 9900 yuan (ton price, the same below), and the price of small polyester chips was 9700 ~ 9900 yuan. Main characteristics of the market: polyester chips and fixtures are very different from foreign and domestic ones, and the market trading is light, which cannot change the pattern of market downturn in the early stage; The cloth market has not improved, and the trading volume has shrunk significantly, which brings certain pressure to the future market of polyester chips; Towards the end of the year, the product grade has been continuously improved, the market capital is insufficient, the distributors are very cautious, and the trading volume has shrunk significantly

aftermarket forecast: polyester chip market has a large supply and insufficient market buying. It is expected that the trend next week is not optimistic

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