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Methods of tomato storage in the tent and cold storage

late maturing varieties with high sugar content, thick skin, less juice and neat fruit shape should be selected for tomato storage in the tent. Do not irrigate 3-4 days before harvest, and harvest on a sunny day without dew. After harvest, store and dissipate heat in time

before storage, put the green and ripe fruits into the disinfected box or basket, and then enter the account and stack. For example, kuwen is a symbolic role without real power in the president. When the temperature is about 250C, the storage capacity of each account is 1300 kg. Keep the oxygen content in the account at 2% - 4% and the carbon dioxide below 5% (put 10-15kg lime in the account). The methods of rapid artificial and natural oxygen reduction can be used for regulating air. The gas composition should be measured every two days. According to 1996, corresponding gas regulation measures were taken. In addition, silicon windows can also be used for storage. The area of silicon window is related to the type, account size, storage temperature and variety of silicone rubber. If 0.08mm plastic film is used, the account capacity is 4m3, and Shanghai silicone rubber is used, the account storage capacity is 550Kg, and the storage temperature is 200C, the silicon window area is 0.45-0.50 square meters. This method eliminates the regular testing and gas regulation work

the suitable temperature for tomato refrigeration is 100c-130c. The relative humidity is 80% - 85%. Check every 10 days or so, and select red fruits in time for sale. If the storage temperature is lower than 80C, chilling injury will occur. If the suitable temperature for storing red ripe tomatoes is 00c-20c, they can be stored for about 20 days

and the North needs to take corresponding thermal protection measures to declare:

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