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Last week, the polyester chip market was slightly consolidated, and then continued to be weak consolidation.

last week, the domestic polyester chip market was slightly consolidated with the raw material market. The price first rebounded slightly and then fell again. After a week of repetition, the price basically did not change. Sales are deadlocked, and the inventory of polyester chips has risen sharply

the market of semi gloss polyester chips fell to the level of 11700 in March last weekend. If the gasket is damaged, it should be replaced in time. The transaction of bright chips is between the steel ball and collet and even with the upper cone base 0 March acceptance and short delivery. Because the price difference between cationic varieties and semi-finished slices widened in the early stage, the overall transaction is weak, and the price can only be reduced by contacting the manufacturer. The market of polyester bottle chips decreased slightly. With the gradual consumption of materials prepared in the early stage and the gradual arrival of the procurement cycle near the National Day holiday, but the purchase action of bottle blowing factories is still cautious, and the quotation level generally fell to around 13000. The buyers and sellers of large order transactions also negotiate around. The actual transaction price of carbonated tablets in the East China market fell to 3000, so it is generally delivered, and the cash of small and medium-sized orders in the East China and South China markets of hot pot chips are delivered to the transaction. The spot price of Aquarius tablets also generally fell back to US dollars/ton FOB, and the transaction level price reached US dollars/ton FOB

market trend analysis: Recently, the international crude oil price continues to fall sharply, and the polyester raw material market has shown signs of decline again, which will significantly suppress the development of the polyester chip market. The continuous decline of the long and short silk in the downstream will inevitably become a stumbling block to the development of the chip market, and it is expected that there may be a situation of continued weak consolidation. (unit: yuan/ton)

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