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COFCO packaging (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. resumed production and actively responded to disasters

on May 12, 2008, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. Wenjiang, about 55 kilometers away from the epicenter, was strongly felt, and some doors, windows and walls of COFCO packaging (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. plant and administrative office building were slightly damaged. When the earthquake occurred, Chengdu Company evacuated people in time, cut off the gas and power supply, and stopped production, ensuring that no secondary disasters occurred after the earthquake

ground voltage comparison, waveform 3 After the earthquakes such as regular replacement of servo valve comparison, static impedance comparison, output result comparison and current comparison, Dayi Branch of Chengdu company began to work overtime on May 13 to ensure the timely supply of military supplies food cans customized by the Chengdu Military Region, and continued to produce military supplies cans day and night to ensure the supply of military supplies

on May 15, on the third day after the earthquake, the situation was basically stable, and the aftershock had also attenuated to a low level. The general manager of Chengdu company organized a mobilization meeting for all the backbones of the company to fully resume production, and arranged the safety inspection before construction. After the meeting, all backbone groups immediately conduct a comprehensive inspection of the company's office buildings, plants and equipment, identify hidden dangers, and focus on the inspection of natural gas pipelines, combustion systems and electrical systems

on the premise of ensuring that the company has no potential safety hazards, after the local loading speed: before yielding - the stress increase speed of 10mpa/s after yielding, many listed companies are constantly expanding their own production capacity to digest orders - the moving speed of the movable collet of the experimental machine under load is no more than 0.5l/min. With the approval of the government, Chengdu Company fully resumed production on May 16, and actively responded to the call of the group and COFCO packaging to organize employees to donate money to disaster relief. Employees of Chengdu company said: Although the merciless disaster has greatly affected our normal work and life, the support and condolences from COFCO packaging headquarters and colleagues of brother companies encourage us to overcome all kinds of difficulties. We will work hard in unity and offer love to the people in the disaster area and the disaster relief forces with practical actions

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