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Water heater is a white household appliance that every family cannot lack. Quick effect, constant temperature and safety are what we pursue. Which brand do we buy better? Follow Xiaobian to see the top ten water heater brands

water heater is a white household appliance that every family cannot lack. Quick effect, constant temperature and safety are what we pursue. Which brand do we buy better? Follow Xiaobian to see the top ten water heater brands

Haier, founded in Qingdao in 1984, now has more than 80000 employees in 17 countries around the world, and its users are in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. And it has been the world's largest household appliance brand in terms of sales volume for three consecutive years. For nine consecutive years, it has ranked first in the list of the most valuable brands in China, and for three years, it has steadily ranked first in the world in terms of white household appliances. Haier water heater has 12 series and more than 300 varieties. It uses 3D dynamic heating technology, anti electric wall technology, safety warning function, diamond three-layer patented technology, and CO safety protection technology to bring fashionable, comfortable, safe, and stable high-tech water heater products to consumers


Midea Group was founded in 1968 and registered as a Midea brand in 1981. It is a large comprehensive enterprise group focusing on home appliance manufacturing. It owns three listed companies, Midea appliances, cygnet and welling holdings. At present, there are more than 20 production bases at home and abroad. 2012 “ The most valuable brand in China ” In the evaluation, Midea's brand value reached 61.122 billion yuan, ranking high. Midea water heater has more than 25 online products, with three series of extreme speed, fashion and fashion. It is famous at home and abroad for its constant temperature and fast heating characteristics

ranked third in the top ten brands of water heaters: a.o. Smith

a.o. Smith was founded in the United States in 1874, and AOSMITH (China) water heater Co., Ltd. was wholly established in Nanjing in 1998. Its engineering research and development center was officially established in Nanjing in 2004. Its products cover household electric water heaters, gas water heaters, household water purification, heat pumps, pressurized solar energy, household heating, commercial water heaters, boilers, etc. Its water heater has the characteristics of power saving, patented carbon monoxide safety protection and so on, and is loved by many consumers around the world

ranked fourth among the top ten brands of water heaters: Wanjiale

Wanjiale Co., Ltd. was established in Guangdong in 1992 and officially listed in 1994. Yes “ Key high-tech enterprises in the national torch plan &rdquo& ldquo; National CAD application engineering demonstration enterprise ” And “ Guangdong technological innovation advantage enterprise ”. Own “ Guangdong gas appliance engineering technology research and development center ” Etc., master a number of key core technologies, become the main drafting unit of national standards for domestic gas water heaters, and take the lead in being rated as “ AAAA level standardized good behavior enterprise ”, At the same time, it is also well received by the majority of consumers

the top ten brands of water heaters ranked fifth: Ariston

in 1996, the world's leading domestic heating and hot water expert Ariston thermal energy group of Italy invested 50 million euros to establish Meroni (China) Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China, and introduced the most advanced water heater assembly line in Europe. In that year, it completed the sales of 150000 units, and then its record was also reported frequently. At present, Ariston thermal energy group has an annual output of more than 6.5 million water heaters and heating products, a global marketing network in more than 160 countries, and more than 60million global users. It is the only water heater brand in the world that can realize global joint guarantee

the top ten brands of water heaters rank sixth: Wanhe

Wanhe group was established in Guangdong in 1993, and is a company with “ Gas appliance expert ” It is a professional manufacturer of gas appliances with brand positioning and the largest domestic production scale. Wanhe started with technological innovation. So far, it has filled the domestic technological gap in the field of gas appliance manufacturing for 14 times, obtained more than 300 technical patents, and became the leader in the gas appliance industry. Its innovative products have further consolidated its leading position in the brand

SHUAIKANG group, founded in Yuyao, Hangzhou in 1984, has developed into a large household appliance manufacturer with complete categories, leading technology, advanced production equipment and complete testing means. Because of its influence in the industry, it has won the title for five consecutive years “ China's 500 most valuable brands ”. The safety and health of its water heater products have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and have been loved by many consumers. It all comes from them “ Exquisite life comes from details ” Enterprise philosophy

eight of the top ten brands of water heaters: altrand

altrand was founded in 2000. From the beginning, it has been committed to the R & D and production of energy-saving and environmental friendly fast electric water heaters. With its keen vision and unique brand strategy, through eight years of unremitting efforts, the market share of the fast electric water heater industry has reached 43%, nearly 2000 sales outlets and more than 230 service outlets, and has won provincial famous trademarks and Chinese famous trademarks, Become a real industry leading brand. In 2011, he participated in the drafting of the industrial standard of water storage and fast heating combined electric water heater. Its water heater products have created a perfect experience of much care and consideration for the majority of users

the top ten brands of water heaters rank ninth: Siemens

in 1994, German Siemens Household appliances officially entered China. So far, it has invested and established four production bases, a sales company and an investment company, with more than 10000 employees. The sales and after-sales network covers 30 provinces and more than 600 cities across the country. Nowadays, Siemens home appliances have entered thousands of households in China, and its water heater has brought warmth and enjoyment to countless families, and has become a very influential foreign brand in China's home appliance market

The top ten brands of water heaters: stilbene brand was born in 1998, and stilbene electric water heater company was officially registered in Fuzhou in 2002. Stilbene became the first domestic enterprise to invest and produce in China using German advanced manufacturing technology, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of electric water heaters. The products have passed a number of international safety certifications, and are deeply loved by users all over the world with the advantages of small size, space saving, instant heating, energy and power saving, safety and environmental protection, stability and durability. Its annual sales growth rate of products is more than 60%, with more than 1000 large-scale sales terminals and services all over the world

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