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The host likes the warm and elegant color matching very much, but there are still some fresh elements in it. The broken flowers of the curtain are sober and natural, but the red tea table is lively and full of vitality

when the kitchen was rebuilt, the owner redesigned the layout to make the space use more reasonable. She added a new cabinet with a wider table top, which can completely cover the water pipe. The cloth around the cabinet makes the room softer: the open cabinet makes a beautiful display of the dishes that are not often used

although it is also used as a coat hanger, it will have different decorative effects when placed in different environments

the decorations at home are not very expensive. The owner of the house inlays the postcards collected from various countries in the picture frame and hangs them at the head of the bed. The books, books and desk calendars she collected from her work are also good decorations. The owner painted the white bedstead he bought a few years ago red, which can create a more active effect. So the protagonist in the bedroom is this bed with a new face

painting different styles of furniture with the same color can integrate them. The two wardrobes of different colors are now unified into white

due to the savings of other room costs, the owner can have more budget in the bathroom. She can choose better wall tiles and marble floors, so that she can fully enjoy the fun of relaxation in the most private space





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