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Halloween has become one of the most popular and popular festivals of the year. Only a door and window with a high safety factor can prevent the risk of falling and breaking. Even if children make trouble, they are not afraid

Halloween has become one of the most popular and popular festivals of the year, and many people celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. In fact, Halloween is a festival to celebrate autumn, just as wushuo Festival is a festival to celebrate spring. Generally speaking, the eve of Halloween, that is, October 31, is often the busiest time of the festival! In western countries, in order to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, children will play all kinds of cute ghosts and knock door to door for candy, otherwise they will make trouble and destroy

this festival originated from the Druids in ancient Western European countries before the birth of Christianity. The new year of Druids is on November 1. On New Year's Eve, druids let young people gather in teams, wearing all kinds of strange masks and carrying carved radish lanterns (pumpkin lanterns are a late custom, and there were no pumpkins in ancient Western Europe at the earliest). They swam between villages. At that time, it was actually a celebration of autumn harvest; It is also said to be "Ghost Festival". It is said that the souls of those who died in those years will visit the world on the eve of Halloween. It is said that people should let the visiting ghosts see a successful harvest and show rich hospitality to the ghosts. All bonfires and lights, on the one hand, in order to scare away ghosts, but also illuminate the route for ghosts and guide them to return

in recent years, Halloween has become increasingly popular in China, and many families and enterprises celebrate Halloween. So how to prepare for Halloween to be particularly innovative and fun? It's a good choice to work on doors and windows

yes, there are Black Skull stickers on the doors and windows, which are gloomy and terrifying

yes, it looks scary to decorate a spider web with a giant spider shape at the door

yes, stick a lot of bats directly on the door ~

or, put a few pairs of short legs in the front garden outside the house to scare passers-by, and the atmosphere of Halloween is absolutely gloomy

or, hanging skeletons at the door may also make people's hair stand up

just stick the decoration on the doors and windows, and it will have a terrible effect! Have all these things stimulated your nerves! However, Xiao Liang reminds you that the safety of doors and windows is very important. We must choose high-quality doors and windows

the safety factor of doors and windows in the home should be high in order to prevent falling and crushing and other hazards; Liangge doors and windows are made of high-quality hollow tempered glass, which is not afraid of being smashed, even if children make trouble

outside the window, Fang Yousheng! The sound insulation effect is also powerful. Don't worry about disturbing your neighbors or being affected by their noise on Halloween




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