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The system is ruthless, the management is ruthless, and the implementation is reasonable:

the system is ruthless, the management is ruthless, and the implementation is reasonable:

1. Management is focused, skills are practiced, methods are thought out, and potential is forced out

2. Not doing well is not doing well, there is no excuse. Make excuses casually, and there is no entrance to success

3. It's not that I have no choice, but that I don't think of a way carefully. Think hard, there must be a way, sooner or later

4. If the result is bad, it is bad

5. Taking is ability, giving up is realm

6. Try to praise others, praise others = copy the advantages of others

7. Good details are called exquisite, and bad details are called rough

8. There is nothing wrong with obedience in the implementation of democratic and centralized strategies and tactics

9. Plan before action, plan before communication

10. Think more about what you should do and less about what you can do

11. Differentiation is the core of enterprise competitiveness, and comparative advantage is the greatest advantage

12. Without execution, there is no competitiveness

13. Choice is more important than effort, and success or failure lies in choice. The choice of the past determines today's life, and today's choice determines the future

14, speed first, perfection second; Action first, idea second; Result first, process second

15. Executive power does not talk about if, but only about results

16. It's good not to read it wrong, just ask for it

17. Being used to shortcomings is the biggest disadvantage

18. If employees are fools, they should find a management method suitable for fools

19. The height of thought determines the height of action, and the height of culture determines the height of the enterprise

20. No idea, no result

21. The reason for not acting in time is that the pain cannot be reached

22. What everyone likes is not necessarily right, and what is right is not necessarily liked by everyone

23. You don't need to see that others are useless. Let others see that you are useful

24. Don't expect others to help you, expect others to need you

25. Communication focuses on empathy

26. Dissatisfaction makes customers satisfied. We should strive to move customers and create lifelong value for customers

27. Ask for instructions not with questions, but with plans. Don't report critically, but report declaratively

28. Interest is the source power of implementation, and corporate culture is the continuous power of implementation

29. Only those who dare to be responsible can shoulder heavy responsibilities

30, simple is effective

31. Do a good job in time management and be your own master

32. The intensity of publicity = the depth and height of implementation

33. The vast majority of people in the enterprise should be the executors of excellence

34. Ideas change, and heaven and earth change; Keep the concept unchanged and turn around

35. Those who achieve great things like to do small things in detail

36. Doing business: there is a way in the world, and there is no way when there are many people

37. Winners often change their methods without changing their goals, while losers often change their goals without changing their methods

38. There are more than three solutions to everything

39. If you want to do anything, it's all up to you

40. Think more and make less mistakes; Read it again and make one mistake less

41. Making mistakes again and again is not a problem of ability, but an issue of attitude

42. Three things every day: what must be done, what should be done, and what can be done

43. Change is painful, and it is more painful not to change

44. Employees often make mistakes. It is your management that makes them make mistakes easily

45. The organizational goal of the higher level is to be the direction: be a section chief with the attitude of the section chief, be a section chief with the position of the minister, be a minister with the bosom of the boss, and work with the mentality of the boss

46. Be a cadre like the boss, demand yourself with the boss's standards, and manage your position like running a business

47. Comfortable is often regressive

48. Those who do not seek the overall situation are less than one domain

49. Details determine success or failure

50, realm determines the world





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