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In choosing furniture, people still think more. There are a variety of styles and brands. I don't know which one to choose, so how to choose the right furniture? Before buying furniture, you can take a look at the skills on how to choose furniture and how to choose furniture introduced by the following editor, hoping to help you

first, the material of furniture should be environmentally friendly

from the perspective of furniture material, there are many kinds of furniture, including solid wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, cloth furniture, rattan art, and modern popular paper furniture. No matter what kind of furniture is made of, the primary guarantee must be health. When buying furniture, you can check the relevant quality inspection report to ensure that the furniture you buy is healthy and environmentally friendly

second smell: the smell cannot stimulate

furniture with stimulating smell must not be selected. If furniture is selected, it does not need to stimulate eyes, nose and throat. If you smell furniture, you will find that the smell is irritating, so you need to pay attention. The heavier the pungent smell, the higher the content of formaldehyde may be. However, some furniture is still unqualified even if it doesn't taste strong. Therefore, before buying, you must ask the business to show the relevant environmental protection certificate

three touch: paint should be smooth

after smelling the smell, you also need to carefully observe the paint. Paint is also closely related to human health. You need to touch it with your hand. What you need to pay attention to is whether the paint is smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, and whether there is paint falling. Generally, the furniture of regular manufacturers is very exquisite in painting

four observations: the four feet are flat

whether you buy a bed, a sofa, a wardrobe or a dining table, the four feet of furniture are flat is necessary and a prerequisite. When checking the furniture, you can shake it or sit on it. If you make a sound, you should pay attention. Such furniture may not be firm

five inspections: the moisture content is the same as that of the local area

because the moisture content of furniture wood is affected by its place of origin, and furniture with a moisture content higher than 1% of the average moisture content of the area of use will appear cracking, deformation, fragmentation, warpage and other phenomena, so it is best to choose furniture produced by enterprises with good drying technology, local or foreign production is not important, the key is that its moisture content should be consistent with the average moisture content of the area of use





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