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About the color paste used in the color matching of wallpaper paint: because our wallpaper paint is a water-based paint, the color paste we use for color matching should also be a water-based color paste. This kind of color paste can be bought in general paint stores, but because our wallpaper paint has a good color rendering effect, and the color matching does not need to be too deep, the color paste consumed in the process of color matching is not too much, Therefore, it is suggested that our construction personnel or owners do not buy very cheap needle tube color paste. First, it will not save much money. Second, there is an old Chinese saying that cheap color paste is not good, too cheap color paste is mixed with water, and the coloring and weather resistance are not good. The wallpaper paint made is easy to fade, and the final gain is not worth the loss! Generally, a small bottle of 5 yuan is selected, and the one with aluminum film seal is better, and the color type is subject to the needs of the construction personnel

many customers have been asking me a question. They said why my construction method has been learned, and there is no problem with wallpaper paint. When printing on the wall, there is no blocking of the net, spilling materials, and so on. How is the wallpaper paint that is made not as good as what you see in your company?? It looks ugly and rustic. How can this happen? After a long time, I slowly lost confidence in the promotion of wallpaper paint. In fact, I want to tell these friends that this is not the problem of wallpaper paint, but your color matching method is incorrect. As we all know, the color of wall emulsion paint of different customers can be different and changeable, but it can be subdivided into cold color, warm color and neutral color. Our color matching method is summed up in three words, That is to match with the color, which means that our wallpaper paint is also matched with the cold color for the cold color paint wall, the warm color for the warm color paint wall, and the neutral color for the neutral color wall. Moreover, the color of the wallpaper paint should not be too deep relative to the color of the wall, and the color difference should not be too large, so as to ensure that our wallpaper paint will not protrude from the wall after construction, and can be integrated with the wall, You can imagine how to increase the beauty and achieve the best decorative effect. If red walls with blue flowers, white walls with black flowers look good?? It must not look good, does it? This is the reason why we advocate color matching. At the same time, we can also suggest the color of the customer's wall according to the pattern chosen by the customer (of course, we can't force it, because the customer is always God). For example, if the pattern is a more primitive type, the primer color of the wall should also choose a more primitive one, such as gray and yellow. If the pattern chosen is a cartoon type, the color of the wall should also be bright and lively, If the selected pattern is more elegant and generous, so should the color of the wall

in a word, decoration is actually a mutual contrast process of the indoor environment, which must match the effect of the whole environment. If you don't follow this rule, you have to eliminate it! Here I also want to explain a phenomenon, that is, in order to let more customers know the effect of wallpaper paint in the process of promoting wallpaper paint, our dealers have to do it wherever there is a wall, even in the toilet and stairwell. I think this method is very undesirable. On the surface, it is to let more people know this product, But please take a closer look. Does the wallpaper paint you made like this have decorative effect? If it doesn't work, I think what you do is equivalent to slapping yourself in the face. Some people say that wallpaper paint is nothing more than that. It's not good. Some people also think that wallpaper paint has been done in the stairwell. What's the difference between it and dog skin plaster bought on the street? Because they don't know that decoration is actually a process of mutual contrast of the indoor environment and must match the effect of the whole environment, so what we do is actually not worth the loss, so a principle we adhere to in the process of promoting wallpaper paint is &mdash& mdash; As long as there is a wall with a good display environment, we should do it even if we don't make money, because it is a great opportunity for me to show myself, such as the model house of the decoration company and the Sales Office of the real estate development company, and we must do it well. If there is no wall with a good display environment, I won't do it for any more money, because no matter how well I do it, it's useless, In theory, wallpaper paint is not something that turns stone into gold. It's just a decorative material. If it doesn't work well, it will only discredit us! I hope you can understand the meaning of this sentence. To make an analogy, if wallpaper paint is a gorgeous dress, she can show its splendor only when she wears it on the princess. If she wears it on the blacksmith, it is just an ordinary blacksmith's cloth, no matter how luxurious it is, it is such a simple truth

just now we talked about a color matching method of monochrome patterns and the essentials of the selection of construction sites. Here we will briefly mention a color matching problem of multi-color patterns. In fact, the color matching idea of multi-color patterns is similar to that of monochrome, but because it is multi-color and has a little difference, if there is a set of multi-color patterns of molds now, when we get the molds, we first look at and judge the density of each mold pattern, And distinguish and select the mold with the densest pattern. The color matching color of its wallpaper paint should be close to the color of the wall primer. The color matching color of the wallpaper paint of the mold with the denser pattern can be slightly darker than the former, and the color matching of the wallpaper paint of the mold with the least pattern can be appropriately inverted color matching, because the flowers printed on this mold generally play an embellishment role, so it can also be relatively darker, The tricolor effect made in this way can be well integrated with the wall, playing the best decorative effect





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