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Recently, the decoration Alipay mainly promoted by Shanghai group purchase network has solved the dilemma of consumers. What is decoration Alipay, that is, before decoration, netizens, websites and decoration companies sign a tripartite agreement,

supervision is an indispensable link in home decoration engineering, including the review of budget drawings, construction site management, mobilization material acceptance, project quality control, project progress management, etc., all of which are inseparable from project supervision Due to low fees and trivial business, engineering supervision companies with supervision qualifications are generally unwilling to engage in home decoration supervision business. Many decoration companies have supervision departments inside, and ordinary consumers don't know much about decoration, thinking that if decoration companies have supervision, why should they spend money on third-party supervision

due to the uneven level of decoration companies, problems will inevitably occur in the project. Consumers either have no time or do not understand the home decoration industry, which can not effectively prevent the occurrence of quality problems in the home decoration process, and the interests are difficult to be guaranteed. The supervision of the home decoration company is like a dummy, which can't check the quality of the home decoration project and guarantee the construction period of the contract, so disputes can't be avoided

now, many home decoration supervisors are a department of home decoration companies. Can they really be responsible for the owner and be fair in supervising and managing the construction instead of the owner? The boss of a decoration company admitted that to some extent, it depends on the “ Business ethics ” Yes. The project manager of a well-known home decoration company in Nanjing once arrogantly warned the more responsible supervisor in the company: don't forget, we are supporting your supervisor

the supervision department of the decoration company serves the company. It has an employment relationship with the decoration company. If there is a problem with a certain construction, it will first report it to the company, not the owner. If the decoration company is very responsible, there is no problem. If it is irresponsible, it will become a cover up “ Supervision ”. Insiders believe that home decoration supervision should be a third party completely independent of the decoration company and the owner. It should represent the interests of the owner, exercise the power given by the owner, and supervise the implementation of the home decoration contract signed between the owner and the decoration company, so that the interests of consumers can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. But then there is a problem: is it worth paying a third-party supervisor? If a special third party supervises the whole process of the home decoration project and controls and manages the project quality, safety and cost according to the requirements of the owner, many problems may be avoided. However, if a third-party supervisor is invited, there will certainly be a fee. Are consumers willing to pay for this fee

recently, the decoration Alipay mainly promoted by Shanghai group purchase network has solved the dilemma of consumers. What is decoration Alipay? That is, before decoration, netizens, websites and decoration companies sign a tripartite agreement, agreeing that the money at each stage of the decoration process will be uniformly supervised by the website. After each decoration node is completed, the website will pay the money at this stage to the decoration company after the third-party independent supervisor, netizens and decoration companies provided by the website have accepted and signed the quality

generally, the decoration company collects money first and then decorates. The quality supervision is often decided by the decoration company. Even if consumers are not satisfied, there is no way, and the decoration quality complaints are always high. The practice of decoration Alipay is to check and accept the decoration quality first, and then pay when satisfied. For example, the supervisor inspects whether the construction is standardized and whether the materials are environmentally friendly according to relevant standards. If any problems are found, the decoration company should rectify them in time. In this way, individual decoration companies can avoid fiddling with decoration money and quality. (related connection: third-party supervision site assault video)

at present, the latest statistical data provided by Shanghai group purchase website shows: “ Decoration Alipay ” From 3 to 4 starts per month in the early days, it has grown to more than 3000 passes per month “ Decoration Alipay ” The number of starts in the current month exceeded 500. Decoration Alipay &mdash& mdash; This model, similar to Alipay on Taobao, is an invisible guarantee for decoration. It saves money, time and effort, and has won the favor of netizens, especially the young people who want to dress up for their new home. (related connection: users' decoration of Alipay Story Sharing)

all customers who sign up for decoration of Alipay can get the decoration assistant service provided by the group, regularly report the decoration progress at home, prompt the materials that need to be purchased immediately, provide material consultation, construction acceptance, material acceptance guidance, and timely provide on-site and online promotion information to comprehensively track and deal with decoration problems

“ Decoration assistant ” Service is one of the characteristic services provided by Qijia call center. The professional call center provides all members with a free consumption consultant, such as “ Decoration assistant &rdquo& ldquo; Marriage Secretary ” And so on to solve the puzzles of decoration and marriage for the majority of netizens. Just call 400-880-2600 national unified customer service hotline, and you can have your exclusive assistant

the author believes that the change of decoration payment mode indicates that the future home decoration market is becoming more and more mature, and professional people doing professional things will be the inevitable law of market development. Therefore, experts predict that with “ Decoration Alipay ” The popularization and promotion of will certainly form a new “ Shock wave &rdquo




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