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More and more post-80s and even post-90s have entered the ranks of the house purchasing army. For this group of buyers who pursue fashion and advocate fashion, the traditional decoration rules are no longer applicable. So, SouFun Xiaobian collected all kinds of black and white decoration renderings to share with you

black and white has always been the eternal trend. The decoration of this living room is mainly black and white, and the walls are made of brick walls painted white, which has a postmodern feeling. I think the owner of the room may pursue a retro literary style

this decoration effect picture is a bit like a SOHO studio, so that people living here can fully feel the breath of modernization. If they are home buyers with their own studio, they can try this kind of decoration

the whole space is made of white, and the furniture is matched with black, creating a quiet space. It gives people a refreshing feeling

a modern living room. The decorations of the sofa wall are full of artistic flavor. The clock on the wall and the floor lamp beside the sofa are full of Baroque atmosphere





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