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[Erica whole house customization] recently, many people have raised the issue of consumption degradation, which has attracted social attention. "Consumption degradation" has also become a hot topic for discussion after dinner. Coupled with the rapid rise in rent, many young people who struggle outside are also full of anxiety, but under the heavy pressure of consumption degradation, we cannot reduce the requirements for quality of life, and strive to upgrade the quality of life

then how can we upgrade our quality of life? Starting with the home environment is undoubtedly the best embodiment

for small houses with an inch of land and an inch of money, the sofa area is undoubtedly the most worthy of investment. Planning the sofa area well and doing some low-cost upgrading and transformation can make the sofa area have various functions such as bedroom, study, restaurant and so on

sofa bed

the biggest disadvantage of small house type is that there are few rooms. Generally, it is a bedroom or a master bedroom plus a small secondary bedroom. If relatives and friends visit, sleeping becomes a big problem. A sofa bed is the first choice for all small houses

the design of this sofa bed is simple but full of warmth. The small wooden buckle on the backrest seems to reveal a smile and sleepiness, making the small family feel more alive. When the base is pulled out, it can be used as a small bed. It feels very comfortable to put a small tea table ~

lift the tea table

in the living room, if there is only a sofa without a tea table, it will always feel empty, but it seems a little waste of space to buy a good-looking tea table. A tea table with its own storage and can lift and transform into a dining table and office table is much more practical

home multifunctional tea table

this lift tea table at home is more compact, but it also has the functions of storage and office. When the tea table panel is raised, you can sit on the sofa and work. The modern and simple industrial style gives people a high-level feeling, and it can be used in combination with the two to increase the sense of space

floor lamp

the living room is generally large. Now many home decoration choose not to make ceiling lamps. If it is only a central main lamp, it is likely that the light is not bright enough at night. People who are used to reading or working on the sofa at night had better add a floor lamp. In addition to the lighting function, the floor lamp with aesthetic taste can also become the face of the whole living room





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