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Scientific development: the fundamental path for the power industry to win challenges

after 30 years of reform and opening up, especially since the new round of power system reform in 2002, China's power industry has entered a historical period of fastest development. In recent years, guided by the scientificoutlookondevelopment, the power industry has made remarkable achievements in power construction, structural adjustment, technological progress, equipment capacity improvement, overall efficiency improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction, stepped into the track of safe, clean and economical development, ensured the demand for power growth for economic and social development and the improvement of people's living standards, and achieved a historic leap. By 2008, China's installed hydropower capacity had reached 170million kilowatts, ranking first in the world; The installed capacity of nuclear power reached 9.1 million KW, the scale under construction was 22.9 million KW, and the planned capacity exceeded 40million kW; The total installed capacity of wind power exceeds 12million kW, and the installed capacity under construction is 10million kW; Renewable energy power generation such as solar energy and biomass energy has developed rapidly. The power industry has become a strong support for the sound and rapid development of China's economy and society

guided by market demand and adapted to economic and social development. Electric power industry is the basic industry and public utility of national economic and social development. With the increasing demand for electricity in 2002, at the beginning of 2003, the state timely adjusted the development plan of the power industry. In 2005, on the basis of comprehensive judgment of medium and long-term power demand, and in combination with the actual situation of further power shortage at that time, the state timely issued a three-year rolling construction plan for thermal power and a series of policies and measures to promote the development of power industry, defined the three-year construction objectives, and intensified power construction. Subsequently, when the power demand was in the stage of sustained and high-speed growth, we further scientifically analyzed the power demand situation, reasonably regulated the construction efforts, and gradually reduced the construction scale. When the power demand growth rate fell sharply in 2008, the installed power generation growth rate also fell by 4 percentage points, basically realizing the synchronous coordination with the power demand, avoiding the ups and downs of power construction, and reversing the situation of insufficient power supply in a short period of time, It also ensures the steady and orderly development of power construction

take reform as the driving force to achieve healthy and high-speed growth. Focusing on the construction of modern enterprise system, breaking monopoly, introducing competition and adhering to the market-oriented reform direction are a basic experience for the rapid development of power industry in recent years. Many institutional and institutional problems encountered in the development of China's power industry over the years can only be solved in the process of deepening reform, and the productive forces can be continuously liberated and developed. Although some measures of the current power system reform have not been fully implemented, the phased results of the reform have greatly improved the quality and efficiency of the growth of the power industry. The five major power generation companies and four power auxiliary industry groups, together with local power investment and construction enterprises, as well as foreign-funded and private power generation enterprises, have formed a competitive pattern in the investment, design, construction, production and operation of power construction, which has injected new vitality into the development of power industry

accelerate structural adjustment and improve overall efficiency. Practice shows that under the guidance of the national macro-control policy, increasing structural adjustment is an effective way to change the power development mode, improve the development quality and enhance the overall benefits. During the development of China's power industry, there are still some structural contradictions, such as uneven regional distribution of energy resources, unreasonable power supply structure and electrical structure. For these problems, the pace of adjustment has been accelerated in recent years, and remarkable results have been achieved: first, actively promote the large power industry to suppress the small, and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity; Second, vigorously develop nuclear power; Third, actively promote hydropower development; Fourth, accelerate the construction of clean and efficient energy such as wind power, solar power generation and cogeneration

relying on the construction of major projects, promote scientific and technological progress and localization. In recent years, through the construction of supercritical and ultra supercritical demonstration projects such as Qinbei Power Plant and Yuhuan Power Plant, the localization of key thermal power equipment has been realized, which not only consolidated the achievements of localization of conventional generating units, but also mastered the advanced manufacturing technology of coal-fired units. Through practice in recent years, we have successfully blazed a path of technological progress and equipment localization that relies on major projects, combines imported technology with independent innovation, collectively tackling key problems, making breakthroughs in key areas, sharing technology, and rapidly promoting. At present, China's equipment manufacturing level has ranked among the world's advanced ranks and has been continuously upgraded. The equipment manufacturing capacity ranks first in the world, and the innovation ability has been continuously improved. The progress of power technology and the improvement of equipment localization in China have further promoted the rapid development of power industry

implement the policy of safety, saving and cleaning, and promote the sustainable development of power industry. Electric power industry is an important pillar industry that concerns thousands of households and the national economy and people's livelihood. Once an accident occurs in the power system, it will bring huge losses to the national economy and people's lives. In recent years, large-scale blackouts have occurred successively in North America, Western Europe, Russia and other countries and regions, which have had a serious negative impact on local economic and social development. China's power industry actively implements the policy of safe development, clean development and economical development, establishes and improves the emergency mechanism, improves the disaster resistance capacity of power facilities, and ensures the safe and stable development of the power industry. The policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment" has always been seriously implemented in the power industry, which is an important reason for the safe and stable production and operation of power in recent years

strive to explore management innovation, strengthen and improve macro-control. The development of the power industry can only be sustained, stable and healthy if it follows the laws of the socialist market economy and the unique laws of the power industry itself. This requires that the management of the power industry should, according to the characteristics of China's market economy and the specific national conditions, strive to explore management innovation, strengthen and improve macro-control, make the power construction adapt to the development of the national economy, avoid the ups and downs of power construction, and achieve scientific and orderly development. In recent years, according to the changes of economic and social development, the state has actively changed government functions and improved the management of all aspects of the power industry. For example, in accordance with the provisions of the approval system, clarify the approval requirements for power projects, enhance the transparency of project decision-making, and promote democratic and scientific decision-making; We will actively deepen the reform of the power system, gradually explore and rationalize the formation mechanism of electricity prices, strive to standardize the market order and maintain fair competition. The implementation of these policies and measures has played a positive role in the structural adjustment of the power industry, promoting industrial upgrading, promoting scientific and technological progress, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. It has created a good survival environment for enterprises, joined the development environment of styrene block copolymer (SBC), and improved the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

at present, affected by the international financial crisis, China's economy has declined significantly, resulting in insufficient demand for electricity and difficulties in the operation of power enterprises. But this is temporary. As long as measures are effective, we can turn danger into opportunity. Because, in the medium and long term, China is in the historical stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way. There is still much room for industrialization and urbanization. The demand for electricity in the whole society will maintain a steady growth trend. We should seize the opportunity of the current slowdown in power demand, further deepen institutional reform, strengthen market construction, straighten out the energy price mechanism, promote the coordinated development of power, economy, society and environment, ensure the safe and stable supply of power, strive to find a sound and rapid development path with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution, and realize the sustainable and healthy development of the power industry

accelerate the development of nuclear power. Nuclear power is a clean and efficient energy with less pollution and near zero greenhouse gas emissions. It is a priority for optimizing the energy structure. At present, the installed capacity of nuclear power in China only accounts for 1.3% of the total installed capacity of electric power, and the proportion is very low. To this end, efforts should be made to increase the installed capacity of nuclear power. The state is now adjusting the medium - and long-term development plan of nuclear power, strengthening the development of nuclear power in coastal areas, scientifically planning the construction of nuclear power in inland areas, and striving to make it one model with two machines. By 2020, the proportion of nuclear power in the total installed capacity of electric power will reach more than 5%. Over the years, China has cultivated and trained a large number of talents with strong professional quality, high management level and ability to adapt to nuclear power construction and operation. The technical level and equipment manufacturing capacity of nuclear power have also been greatly improved and broken through, with good development conditions and environment. We should gradually establish and improve the modern nuclear industry system, the nuclear fuel cycle system and the safety system, and form a new nuclear power technology system with independent intellectual property rights through the combination of introduction, absorption and independent innovation, so as to lay a solid foundation for the great development of nuclear power. At the same time, it is necessary to actively participate in the fourth generation nuclear power technology and thermonuclear technology jointly researched and developed internationally to prepare for future development and further promote the development of nuclear power

vigorously develop wind power and renewable energy. China has promulgated the renewable energy law and the renewable energy development plan, creating a good policy environment for the development of renewable energy. In recent years, China's wind power industry has developed rapidly through such measures as carrying out concession bidding for large-scale wind power projects and issuing preferential price policies for typhoon power. At present, the scale of wind power has ranked first in the world. In the future, we will continue to speed up the construction of megawatt wind farms, drive the development of wind power equipment R & D and manufacturing industry, and form an independent equipment capacity of more than 10million kilowatts per year as soon as possible. At present, we should make scientific planning and careful organization, focus on the construction of three ten million kilowatt wind farms in Gansu Hexi Corridor, the coastal areas of Northern Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia, build the "Three Gorges wind power project", and strive to make China's installed wind power capacity exceed 20million kilowatts around 2010, and build China into the world's largest wind power generation country. At the same time, we should actively promote the industrialization of biomass energy, solar energy and other renewable energy, and strive to increase the proportion of renewable energy other than hydropower from the current 1.5% to more than 6% by 2020, so as to promote the development of renewable energy

actively develop water power transmission. China is the country with the most abundant hydropower resources in the world, with about 540million kilowatts of exploitable resources. By 2008, China's installed hydropower capacity was only 170million kW, and the degree of development and utilization was still low, far lower than that of the United States, Japan and other developed countries, with great development potential. In the future, on the premise of scientific demonstration, systematic planning, orderly development and proper handling of ecological environment protection and resettlement, we should still adhere to the policy of hydropower development, and strive to achieve an installed hydropower capacity of about 300million kW by 2020; Users who need to purchase high and low temperature impact testing machines hope to find a reliable manufacturer of high and low temperature impact testing machines to further implement key projects such as West to East power transmission, realize the optimal allocation of power resources in a larger range, and promote the scientific and economic utilization of hydropower

optimize the development of coal power. China is rich in coal resources, which determines that the installed capacity of China's power will still be dominated by thermal power for a long time, and the development of power is difficult to change the pattern of relying mainly on coal in the short term. In the process of power construction and development, it is necessary to optimize the development of thermal power, comprehensively balance coal and water resources, power market, power system, transportation, environmental protection and other factors, optimize the layout of coal power, further adjust the structure of power generation installation, and improve the technical level and economy of units. want

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