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Trends of self-adhesive printing

self adhesive printing is an independent industry in the printing field. Now more and more printing enterprises are engaged in self-adhesive label printing, which makes the market competition of self-adhesive printing in China increasingly fierce. The continuous development and expansion of the production scale, technical level and market space of printing enterprises has also driven the development of the self-adhesive printing market

it is understood that the demand for self-adhesive labels in China is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 20% every year. At present, China's self-adhesive label market is about 450 ~ 500million square meters, with a per capita share of only 0.3 square meters/person/year, while some developed countries, such as Australia, have a per capita share of 12 square meters/person/year. Due to the serious homogenization of domestic equipment, China's self-adhesive label market has great potential

now, self-adhesive labels have broad development prospects in the world. Take the packaging materials with outer particle activity and heat conduction control of cosmetics in the United States as an example, self-adhesive film labels account for 35%, direct silk printing accounts for 30%, self-adhesive paper labels account for 11%, and in mold film labels account for 11%. It can be seen that self-adhesive labels account for 46% of its outer packaging material market

among them, Hong Kong and Guangzhou account for 67% of China's self-adhesive label market. The Shanghai market has developed rapidly in recent years. It is expected that in four or five years, Shanghai will become the largest self-adhesive label market in China. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the focus is still on the Guangdong market

domestic cigarette packaging and printing equipment market

as many printing enterprises have been involved in the cigarette packaging and printing industry, the competition in China's cigarette packaging and printing market is fierce at present. In order to seize the market and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, many printing enterprises continue to improve their technical capabilities and develop cigarette packaging and printing equipment more suitable for China's cigarette packaging conditions

how to calibrate the concrete pressure testing machine in China's cigarette bag printing industry is about to come.

the development prospect of China's digital printing market is promising.

at the fifth innovation event held by Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., an in-depth discussion was made on the development of China's digital printing, and it was concluded that personalized direct marketing and digital publishing will become new business opportunities for digital printing in the future, Our Guangzhou printing enterprises also believe that the future development prospects of the digital printing market are promising

an expert specially invited for this meeting is Jeanette, a famous pair of marketing experts from the United States. She is also a famous talk show host in the United States. She told the author: in the United States, direct marketing is the only effective means of sales that has been proved. She explained that the so-called direct marketing is to promote products directly to customers with personalized and emotional printed materials. The biggest difference between direct marketing and traditional printed advertising is personalization, which can recommend different products that users like according to the different preferences of each customer. In this way, the feedback rate of users will be greatly higher than that of traditional advertising. She believes that in the United States, compared with newspapers and online advertising, only direct marketing has proved to be successful

American printing enterprises are crazy about buying digital printing equipment

American printing enterprises have decreased their investment in offset printing equipment due to the financial crisis. However, recently, Guangzhou Xinyi printing learned that in order to improve their comprehensive competitiveness, American printing enterprises have set off a wave of buying digital printing equipment

recently, integratedbooktechnology, which is as famous as iBT global in the United States, cooperated with booksinternational, a book publisher, to jointly establish Ossi digital book factory in Virginia to provide on-demand printing production lines, becoming the first printing enterprise in the United States with a minimum printing volume of one book

the high inspection rate of printing publishing materials

the quality of printing materials is a matter of great concern. In order to meet the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, the summary and commendation conference of China's publication printing and reproduction quality supervision and inspection activities was held in Beijing on October 26 in the capital. This strong diversity has made it more widely used. Guangzhou printing enterprises are very concerned about this and are also working harder to improve their printing quality. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, Wang Yanbin, director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing, and Qi Xiangtong, director of the quality inspection center of the General Administration of publishing, attended the meeting and made a speech. According to the test data, we can see that the qualified rate of printing publishing materials in China is high

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