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Sales easy to release intelligent analysis sheet metal: it is the appearance of fatigue testing machine. A protective layer cloud bid farewell to traditional Bi to make data infinitely possible

on January 19, the leader of mobile CRM, sales easy, released an intelligent analysis cloud based on new big data cloud computing technology, which helps enterprises make timely decisions and promote performance improvement and business growth. This is another masterpiece to improve the product capability and user experience after the launch of the service cloud products of the sales e-commerce group last year. Shi Yanze, the founder and CEO of salesease, believes that the launch of intelligent analysis cloud products will help salesease users and other enterprises seeking to improve their performance through data analysis a better choice to increase their competitiveness

as China's economic growth slows down, the traditional motivation to bring dividends to enterprises is declining. As a new development engine, refined operation has gradually become the key to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and refined operation is mainly realized by data analysis. According to the latest big data research report of research companies, 53% of companies are using big data analysis at present, compared with 17% in 2015. Bi (Business Intelligence) is the best tool to present technical data in a business-oriented way and serve decision-making with visual reports

although many enterprises have realized the importance of data mining and data-oriented strategy, there are a lot of disadvantages in traditional Bi that can not meet the needs of enterprises: first, the efficiency is low, and the time of data aggregation, extraction and presentation is measured in hours, which can not keep up with the rapid changes in business and market; The second is the limitation of the construction and use personnel. The generation and analysis of reports need professional IT personnel and analysts, and the data is often only provided to the management for reference, while the mainstream of business intelligence and analysis platform market has shifted from it led analysis reports to business led analysis; The third is the separation of data and business applications. The traditional BI system is independent of other business management platforms of the enterprise and cannot support business personnel to master data in a timely and comprehensive manner. Finally, due to the limited use space, it can only be viewed on the PC side, which can not meet the needs of business users and management who often work outside, resulting in an average utilization rate of only 8% of traditional Bi reports

obviously, the continuous emergence of new Internet technologies not only brings challenges to data analysis, but also provides opportunities. Agile, integrated, visual data analysis and all staff operated BI products have become the new standards for their upgrading. In order to help enterprises seeking refined operation and convert the data accumulated after years of information construction into information with commercial value, salesease has perfectly integrated mobile, big data, cloud computing, social technology and Bi, and launched a salesease intelligent analysis cloud that can be used by anyone to analyze any business, anywhere and at any time

anyone: among users who use traditional Bi, business department reports need the help of IT personnel to build, and then professional analysts analyze the data. Once the business needs change, business personnel are helpless, and can only wait for professional IT personnel to modify the reports, which is extremely inefficient. By relying on cloud computing technology and breaking professional barriers, sales easy intelligent analysis cloud can support the analysis needs of business data at the executive level, management level and decision-making level. By easily defining business entities and simply dragging and dropping, you can quickly and flexibly build and customize business reports, agile self-help, and become a data analyst at zero learning cost

any business: Sales easy intelligent analysis cloud is a product that integrates with sales easy CRM. It can be easily embedded into various business modules of marketing, sales and service, and supports data insight into various businesses, so as to comprehensively grasp customer information 360 degrees, deeply explore the internal relationships between businesses, find out key business units, quickly adjust direction, and win sales opportunities, It perfectly solves the problem that the traditional BI system is separated from other management platforms of the enterprise. At the same time, make sure to mark before dismantling. The intelligent analysis cloud also supports the generation of complex reports. For example, it provides decision-makers with a cross table for multi-dimensional data analysis. By flexibly defining report dimensions, cross business entities can be related to each other, breaking the information isolation of each business unit. More importantly, the intelligent analysis cloud also makes the report visible, vividly shows different business contents, and makes the business theme clear at a glance. It can be said that the introduction of USB type-C connector aims to reduce electronic waste and repair it both externally and internally

anywhere: the birth of mobile technology has changed the way of sales and the mode of management. Traditional enterprise data analysis is often limited to PC viewing, which can not meet the work needs of the changing times. The original intention of sales easy is to combine Internet technology with enterprise software to subvert the use experience of traditional software. With the gradual recovery of the international market, the intelligent analysis cloud also takes mobile as the first, allowing users to view data reports and make timely decisions anywhere. And realize the synchronous update of mobile and PC data, and view the latest data reports anytime and anywhere for analysis. The one click sharing function of intelligent analysis cloud can realize the application scenario of relevant principals to discuss solutions at any time, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of enterprise decision-making

any time: as we all know, traditional Bi exporting reports takes a long time, and can no longer keep up with the rapid changes in the current business and market, nor can it meet the needs of enterprises for speed and agility. In this regard, sales easy intelligent analysis cloud reduces the cost of data analysis through cloud deployment, and can process massive data efficiently and quickly. From data collection to data presentation, it is completed at the same time, with almost a second delay, which can make the report update in real time. At any time, you can grasp the latest changes in the mall, take immediate action, be active at all times, and better deal with the changing business environment

Gartner predicts that natural language and artificial intelligence technology will become one of the basic features of 90% of modern Bi platforms by 2020. Sales easy analysis cloud will continue to work hard on these technologies and maintain its leading position in the industry. In this regard, Zhao Yuchen, chief data scientist and vice president of sales easy, who is responsible for Bi analysis platform and AI product line, said: Sales easy CRM is no longer just a process tool, but a new generation of products based on data analysis and intelligent technology. From CRM end-to-end processes and scenarios, we can understand the current situation, grasp the future, and reduce the tedious Repeat the steps, take users as the center, provide personalized services suitable for each user, help customers operate better and more efficiently, and help enterprises succeed

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