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According to the British Daily Mail on Monday, 5. After the sample was broken, the mechanical and electrical channel was closed. Spanish scientists claimed that they had developed the world's first self-healing plastic polymer. Moreover, the plastic can be quickly put into industrial application and has a broad market prospect

pla (polyactic acid) reported that this material can quantitatively self heal at room temperature without any external intervention, such as heating and lighting

the researchers said that the material was first cut into two pieces and then put together. Within two hours, 97% of the parts will automatically heal completely

at present, similar plastics have been widely used in many commercial products, and this new material can be quickly and easily put into industrial application, so the application prospect of this material is broad

domestic related concepts listed companies mainly include:

Pulit (00232 polystyrene foam is widely used to make disposable coffee cups, including our body and a variety of building materials): the company is a leading enterprise in modified plastics in China, and has obtained the relevant qualification certification in the automobile industry earlier in the industry. The modified plastic products of the company occupy a leading position in the domestic automobile market share, and have been applied to more than 100 models of more than 20 major automobile manufacturers across the country

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