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Selling cute drinks on the new shelves has attracted young people's attention

i @ Qianjiang Evening News Xiasha today: I went to Wumart to buy Coca Cola yesterday and found that the packaging was changed. The new packaging is very fun. The words written on the bottle are very young. What roommate, Wang Xingren, is very cute

a few days ago, Xiao Shi, a student of the University of science and technology, was attracted by these new packaging with catchwords when buying Coca Cola

it's really fun. I went shopping with my roommate, so I picked a bottle of roommate and came back. Xiao Shi told that yesterday, he participated in the activity of charging phone bills and delivering drinks on campus. When he saw the coke bottle in his hand with the words of younger students and senior students printed on it, he saw these popular words printed on the bottle for the first time. At first, we all thought it was fake. As a loyal fan of Coca Cola, Xiao Shi and his roommate later had some high-end tension machines on the Wumart supermarket market. When they could get little information about shopping except for the above items, they also strolled around the beverage area and found that the Coca Cola packaging on the shelf was the same as the gift they got to enhance their confidence

Xiao Shi said that the canteen of the school also began to sell this batch of newly packaged cola, which made the students feel very fresh

I saw on the beverage rack of Wumart supermarket that Coca Cola in 500ml had been changed into cute packaging

Wumart supermarket staff said that these newly packaged Coca Cola had been on the shelves for a few days. After a rough count, there were probably more than 20 popular words on these bottles, including literary youth and Bai Fumei, which attracted many young consumers

it is understood that this is not the first time that Coca Cola changed its packaging line after the 9-test. As early as 2011, Coca Cola printed the most common 150 personal names on the packaging in Australia, so that consumers can buy the packaging with their own names, which promoted the sales of that year. It remains to be seen whether customers will buy the nickname bottle series packaging launched this time

instead of finding this kind of cute packaged coke in Dushang supermarket in Xiasha, a batch of 300ml small packaged coke, Sprite and Fanta are replaced. The short long row is also very eye-catching. It seems that now businesses have also taken the cute route

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