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On November 1, 2020, the camshaft handle has three positions of "horizontal", "working" and "lifting". On November 9, 2020, the use method of the pin precise testing machine, the brand strategy press conference of selling easy engage 2020 was held in Beijing. With the theme of Huanran Yixin and in the form of Online + offline synchronization, the conference heavily released the strategy of Yixin company, comprehensively upgraded industry solutions and brand-new brand image and product architecture, and discussed the enterprise digitalization trend and future in the era of industrial interconnection with well-known enterprise managers, informatization experts, partners and opinion leaders from all over the country

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at this meeting, starting from the macro-economy, the international situation and the general environment under the influence of the epidemic, combined with the nine-year practice accumulation in market demand, industry trends, product technology and other aspects of sales e-commerce, Shi Yanze, the founder and CEO of sales e-commerce, delivered a speech with the theme of digital transformation starting from customer digitalization, emphasizing the importance of Digitalization for current Chinese enterprises to maintain competitiveness, At the same time, it launched a consumer insight experience suite with CDP as the core and a double platform CRM, redefining a new generation of CRM; At the same time, the new brand image neocrm of sales e-commerce was released, which indicates that sales e-commerce will drive the digital transformation of enterprise customers with new connectivity, new solutions and new customer value

At the same time, many industry experts, such as Lenovo Group, Shanghai Electric, Hikvision, Didi, Shengu group, gathered on the scene to discuss how digitalization can support the expansion and strengthening of Chinese brands in the new economic environment, share cutting-edge experiences and explore the mysteries of the industry from the aspects of digital transformation of enterprises, cost reduction and efficiency improvement practices, and the ability and development of domestic software


tob capabilities continue to break through domestic CRM has world-class capabilities

looking back on 2020, this special year, the COVID-19 ravaging the world, the unpredictable international situation, the economic trend of intensifying competition, global lifestyle, business logic, industrial form and scientific and technological trends have undergone extensive and profound changes. In these changes, traditional enterprises have ushered in new opportunities through digital innovation, traditional formats have been upgraded through digital baptism, and traditional industries are carrying out the reconstruction and efficiency enhancement of the industrial chain through digital integration

the changing world economy has made enterprise digital transformation a general trend. Shi Yanze mentioned in his speech that in the face of changes in the overall environment, the era of enterprises relying on intensive cultivation to enhance competitiveness has come

in the face of the digital needs of enterprises, salese has been deeply engaged in the CRM field for nine years with the concept of customer demand as the center. By constantly introducing new Internet technologies such as mobile, AI, big data and IOT into CRM, it has created a comprehensive, 360 degree and full life cycle CRM understanding solution to help enterprises make one-stop internal and external connections, improve enterprise operation efficiency and customer satisfaction, and accelerate digital transformation and upgrading. Shanghai Electric, Shengu group, WPS and many other top 500 enterprises have chosen sales Yi as their best partner for digitalization

with the change of the general environment, more and more Chinese enterprises are seeking the development of the global market. As a domestic CRM leader, supporting the digital management needs of overseas enterprises has become a necessary topic for sales. To this end, sales e-commerce has successively launched international versions of products in multiple languages, currencies and time zones, and actively deployed overseas servers. It has always been driven by being a world-class enterprise service company growing in China to constantly layout and improve its international service capabilities

based on this, sales e-commerce has become the only Chinese CRM manufacturer selected in Gartner's magic quadrant of sales automation for four consecutive years, and has surpassed international manufacturers in a number of capacity indicators, becoming one of the CRM manufacturers with the highest global revenue growth rate in this quadrant in 2019

at present, the products and services of selling e-commerce can not only empower the digital transformation of Chinese local enterprises, but also support more overseas enterprises to go to sea and provide international first-class customer operation services for domestic and foreign enterprises. Since last year, salese has successively provided world-class products and services to several domestic high-tech leading enterprises such as Lenovo Group, Hikvision and didi

at the meeting, Shi Yanze also revealed that sales e-commerce was cooperating with international consulting agencies to improve gdpr compliance. In the near future, salese will become the first domestic CRM manufacturer that meets the gdpr standard in China, and will escort more Chinese companies to the sea with more professional and safe products


join hands with Tencent to expand the TOC industry and launch a consumer insight experience kit

in this new normal of user shortage and stock competition, the original user journey has been completely reconstructed, and the scene that can produce consumer contacts has become scattered and diverse, which greatly increases the dimension of user operation. The early enterprise development model of horse racing enclosure in the consumer goods industry is no longer feasible, and the layout of lean operation has fostered a number of high-value For users with high activity, high loyalty and high sense of identity, the fundamental driving force for enterprise growth is to do a good job in user management and establish a closed loop of private domain traffic

in order to serve more industry customers and meet the needs of enterprises in the whole industry to connect customers in depth under the industrial interconnection, based on the same 3. Horizontal tensile testing machine, the cooperation gap between the piston and the oil cylinder is too large, and the genetic connection, sales easy and Tencent continue to carry out in-depth cooperation on products. Tencent's strong C-end user experience and front-end connectivity capabilities complement its ability to manage back-end processes. The cooperation with Tencent has strengthened the external connection ability of salesease and opened up the business front end of B to B to C

at this conference, sales easy released a consumer insight experience suite that serves the TOC industry with CDP (customer data platform) as the core, integrating the underlying data and analysis capabilities of CDP with the software capabilities of business modules such as DMP, marketing automation, enterprise, points mall, etc., to serve the whole cycle of C-end enterprise customers from brand perception to interest to transaction to service

selling easy consumer insight experience suite

selling easy consumer insight experience suite is based on CDP customer data platform, covering comprehensive big data and AI application systems from traffic operation, marketing automation, consumer insight and experience management to loyalty management, helping brand enterprises achieve super connection with consumers, build traffic moat, and activate performance growth. It is reported that the sales easy consumer insight experience kit has been successfully applied in many TOC industry enterprises such as commercial real estate, retail, life service, etc., effectively helping relevant customers form a management system from the perspective of customer life cycle within the scope of CRM products. In the future, it will also fully support enterprises in various C-end fields to achieve accurate marketing and efficient customer operation


launched double middle platform CRM to define a new image with a new architecture

has been equipped with tob+toc two wheel drive sales easy to take advantage of the situation to launch double middle platform CRM. With the combination of business and data, it provides enterprises with full contact customer connection, as well as 360 degree customer journey digital support from customer acquisition, sales transformation, after-sales service to loyalty management

figure | sales easy dual medium platform CRM

when sales easy was founded, it was the new generation of CRM representative in the mobile Internet era. Unlike the previous generation of CRM products that only focused on the internal processes of enterprises, sales easy introduced more interconnected technologies such as mobile, social networking, big data into CRM to help enterprises get out of the firewall, not limited to the management of internal processes, but more More directly support the connection and interaction between enterprises and customers in the form of digitalization. With the continuous development of Internet technology, salesease also continues to innovate, gradually introducing new technologies such as AI and IOT to inject new capabilities into CRM, enabling enterprises to connect end users more agile, accurate, efficient and intelligent

with the gradual construction, perfection and maturity of the functions of the sales e-business middle office from tob to TOC, and the continuous accumulation of the data middle office in driving the business intelligence closed loop, in the future, the double middle office CRM will become the core tool to support the enterprise's transformation to digitalization, form a customer-centered lean operation, and provide the driving force and value gain for the enterprise to improve quality and efficiency

with many years of industry experience and at the take-off node, sales easy launched a new brand image at this press conference, including the new brand logo neocrm sales easy, the English name neocrm, the mascot Neo and the new domain name

Shi Yanze said that taking Neo as the key word of this rejuvenation is to expect the new ideas contained in Neo, which can convey the brand connotation of being full of vitality, continuous innovation and courage to explore in the CRM field. It is hoped that neocrm, as a representative of new CRM, can create a new generation of digital CRM products that meet the new needs of enterprises in the new digital era through new Internet technology at the next node, provide customers with new CRM choices and deliver new product value

change is opportunity. In this era of challenges and changes, salese is not only the leader of enterprise innovation, but also the innovator in the digital era. With the mission of reshaping the connection between enterprises and customers and the goal of a world-class enterprise service company growing up in China, the brand-new salese will continue to improve its strength, comply with the trend of the digital age, and continue to move forward with a more international and dynamic face, so as to provide more comprehensive and better digital experience and services for Chinese and even global enterprises

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