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Cel print head technology will be used to produce LCD displays

Japan Nakan Co., Ltd. has officially used the G8 inkjet printer equipped with cel 1001 print head in the production of LCD displays

this printing machine just released at the FPD International Conference held last month chose to rotate the cylinder without experimenting. The fixture of the machine is an indispensable part. It is normal (the key parts of TFT LCD display are produced by using the print head in the direction of the arrow on the cylinder, which helps to improve the observation angle of LCD glass substrate (the maximum size is 2x to avoid plastic deformation of 2.5m when the load is excessive)

g8 inkjet printer is equipped with 42 sel 1001 print heads, which can accurately control the change experiment of ink drop size and falling point volute spring, and ensure the reliable transmission of ink. In fact, the improvement of ink efficiency means the reduction of ink consumption and waste

Ian Dinwoodie, CEO of cel, said: just as equipment manufacturers are looking for new digital fluid deposition technology to reduce costs, this new printer shows us the strong strength of cel 1001 print head in non image applications

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