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Self contained bag facial mask with suction nozzle

we can often 3 This allows us to provide electronic product OEMs with higher finished product safety. The tensile strength testing machine adopts the independent double space structure of stretching and tightening. We see that jelly products are packed in self-supporting bags with suction nozzles. However, recently, this magazine has made a new discovery. This kind of packaging opens up the market in the field of daily chemicals for the patented PCU core between the end plates. Supervised by Guangzhou tongfangtang Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. and manufactured by Guangzhou meinuos Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd., the subpackaged Tibet safflower beauty yogurt facial mask is the first self-contained bag packed facial mask product we know at present. According to the staff of Menos company, this kind of packaging is designed by Guangzhou tongfangtang company, and then Menos company is responsible for disinfection, filling, sealing and other procedures. Tongfangtang said that this kind of product has received extensive attention since its launch, and the innovation of product packaging will undoubtedly bring new market opportunities to enterprises. However, neither party would like to disclose the packaging supplier of this product. It is understood that the Korean cosmetics brand "fruit color and fragrance" also has a similar facial mask product packaging. The advantages of this kind of packaging are: an appropriate amount of extrusion can avoid polluting the remaining unused products, and bag packaging can effectively use the products in the bag, which is more economical and convenient than hose packaging, which is difficult to extrude at the end

product discovery place: Watsons personal care products store

reproduced from: packaging machinery

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