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Selling e-commerce B2B2C trading platform enables every promotion activity

recently, houses are being decorated, building materials city and home Plaza are not running less, shopping more and finding that there are many preferential activities of merchants, and the calculation methods and detailed rules of activities are dazzling. The family needs to buy a toilet, a set of faucet and a household drinking water system. Find a bathroom store, and the following is a dialogue with the boss:

Merchants: Recently, we have a double 12 activity. You can get a faucet worth 500 yuan if you buy a toilet full of 2000. This is an activity given by the manufacturer. Of course, if you buy another set of household drinking water system, the toilet will be reduced by 1000 yuan, and you will get a faucet worth 1000 yuan. At the same time, our store can also give you a bathroom mirror worth 800 yuan alone

: I'm stunned that there won't be belt jamming. How many products do you have and how many activities do you need

Merchants: there are more than 30 kinds of faucets, more than 20 kinds of showers, more than 10 kinds of toilets, and water purification systems. From the beginning to the end of the year, there must be more than 30 events

: how does the manufacturer send you activity content? Won't you mess up

Merchants: it's all based on my own experience. I have worked with manufacturers for more than 10 years, and I know the basic combination of activities, so I have to work remotely even if I have a rest. Haha ~

I believe that many manufacturers, dealers and store owners will often hold the above similar promotional activities, with many types of activities and complex rules. Manufacturers often encounter the situation that dealers and stores make mistakes or confuse the rules of activities. Sales easy CRM recently launched a B2B2C trading platform. When holding promotional activities, the activity related content faced by manufacturers or channels can achieve one-time configuration, automatic circulation, multi type management and other capabilities. In addition, it can help manufacturers solve the problems that they have been unable to solve end users for a long time

Take J sanitary ware manufacturer as an example to show how to use this platform to empower manufacturers, channels and end users, and revitalize the complex activity system of the enterprise

event preparation manufacturer's event setting the full housekeeper

j factory decided to carry out a promotional activity with the existing shower, household water purification system and toilet inventory, and allocated 3million activity funds for the promotion and subsidies of each store

activity date: January 1 to February 1, 2020

object of activity: 200 distribution stores in the Northern District of the manufacturer

activity products: 3 shower products, 1 household water purification system, 3 toilet products, a total of 5000 products

activity materials: a single store enjoys a subsidy of 500 yuan for the production of live animal materials, 100 copies of Enterprise Introduction Manual and product publicity manual respectively

activity rules:

1 All activity products are sold at a 70% discount from the original price. At the same time, participate in the activity of reducing 200 from 2000 products

2 The full gift package (1 shower +1 toilet +1 set of water purification system) can enjoy a 10% discount on the basis of full discount

3 The part of the products purchased in the store that exceeds 20000 yuan can get double points (1 yuan =1 point)

4 If the store purchases more than 5 sets of household water purification kits, it can obtain a 10% rebate of the purchase amount of the water purification kits * *

* the products involved in this activity are not shared with any other activities.

* the points can be used to exchange all goods in the gift library.

* the rebate will be entered into the store system account and can be used as a cash deduction for the purchase of inactive products.

after the manufacturer confirms the activity content, it can set the activity name, activity time For basic information such as activity copy, you can also choose the reward form and CPQ rule combination. At present, there are six types of incentives for manufacturers to choose, including gifts, special prices, discounts, rebates, and points

for example, after selecting the reward form as a deduction, you can set the CPQ rule combination to the activity of reducing 200 when the product is over 2000. At the same time, you can also accumulate other activities, such as the full gift package of the product (1 shower +1 toilet +1 water purification system) can enjoy a 10% discount on the basis of the full deduction. Such activity combination manufacturers can carry out any combination and configuration according to their own activity strategies in promotional activities, which increases the diversity of the combination of macro-control and market conditioning mechanisms established by manufacturer activity groups. At the same time, manufacturers can also set whether different activities are shared or mutually exclusive, so as to avoid dealers from confusing the contents and rules of different activities

activity implementation the whole domain connection of channel users of the manufacturer

through the new order function of CRM system, dealers can make product reservations. For example, the order of a dealer in the North District is as follows:

500 sets of full gift packages of products (shower of 400 yuan +toilet of 500 yuan +water purification system of 1500 yuan), then according to the promotional activity settings of the manufacturer, The system will automatically calculate the dealer's payment as:

2400*500*0.7*0.9*0.9=680400 yuan

at the same time, the dealer's account can also automatically obtain points and 75000 yuan of water purification system rebate. When the dealer creates an order again, he can choose to use point exchange or rebate deduction, and the manufacturer can view the points and rebate balance in the dealer's account at any time in the account management function. If the manufacturer or dealer has its own integral platform, the sales department can optimize the utilization rate of solar energy, and the CRM system can also connect with the merchant's own integral platform. The integral data platform is interconnected to facilitate the manufacturer's real-time monitoring

b2b2c trading platform can be seamlessly integrated with the ERP of the manufacturer, and the data can be exchanged. The financial department of the manufacturer can view the data of collection, points and rebates at any time, which greatly improves the efficiency of financial analysis. At the same time, the account management function supports manufacturers to create new accounts or multiple sub accounts. Manufacturers can view the account ID, account type, account balance, etc. of dealers and stores at any time, helping manufacturers more transparently control dealers and deepening the efficient cooperation between manufacturers and dealers

b2b2c trading platform applet can directly push manufacturers' products to consumers. Consumers can see product introduction, product description, and activity related information on the applet, which is convenient for consumers to view and buy merchants' products anytime and anywhere, and greatly improves the touch rate and conversion rate of merchants' activities. Manufacturers can also attract end consumers to register members through e-vouchers, and stores guide consumers to receive and write off e-vouchers. Each item of e-vouchers is one code, which facilitates manufacturers' fine control of store activities

activity closure and resumption, optimization of activity strategies, analysis of customer portraits

b2b2c trading platform can not only make real-time statistics and monitoring of various data, but also customize the additional configuration of the system to help various functional departments within the manufacturer carry out analysis of different dimensions, assist decision-making, and improve efficiency. In the activity resumption stage, the manufacturer can first view the product sales data through the order function, and can export the order amount, discount amount, order status and other information of all orders with one click, so that the merchant can efficiently enter the control software data summary and analysis in the activity resumption stage, and help the merchant optimize the activity strategy. At the same time, the merchant can adjust the market and activity strategy of dealers and stores in each region according to the analysis results

for example, the data in the order function shows that the best product sold in this event is the household water purification system, with a total of 5000 units sold, and the worst product sold is the toilet with 1200 yuan. After careful communication with the manager of offline stores, the manufacturer decided to take the household water purification system as the basic product of the promotion in the next promotion, and combine it with more other products, And decided to take the toilet as a 50% discount for special promotion in the next event to improve the sales of this toilet. Manufacturers can also adjust the exchange strategy of points and rebates by analyzing the use data of points and rebates

b2b2c trading platform activity Kanban

by analyzing the traffic, click through rate, conversion rate, e-ticket utilization rate and other data of the applet, it can help manufacturers monitor the activity effect in real time, accurately analyze customer portraits, and provide help for dealers and stores in various regions to optimize activity strategies through customer consumption data on the applet

therefore, the B2B2C trading platform can help manufacturers make any combination and configuration of promotional activities through the combination of CPQ rules. At the same time, account management and order management can monitor the dimensional data of accounts and orders in real time. In addition, manufacturers use small programs to accurately obtain the characteristics of customer purchase lines, helping enterprises outline end-user portraits. B2B2C trading platform enables the whole activity process and links, deepens the form and scope of cooperation between manufacturers, dealers and stores, so that manufacturers can more transparently control dealers and have a more comprehensive insight into consumers

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