The hottest selling moon cakes in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou sells moon cakes at sky high prices

although the national development and Reform Commission and other four departments jointly issued an announcement to regulate the market behavior of moon cakes a few days ago, the product ordering situation of Guangzhou moon cake production enterprises this year is still hot, the product packaging style and specification of this year's moon cakes have not been officially finalized, and a small amount of high-end luxury moon cakes aimed at high-end consumers will still be produced

on July 4, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision jointly issued an announcement requiring all regions to regulate the market behavior of this year's moon cakes, especially the operating environment of equipment. 4. It is also a point of concern to regulate the price, quality, packaging, and tying behavior of moon cakes. The announcement said that "if the market price of the tied items in the moon cake packaging significantly exceeds the price of the moon cake itself, the special name should not be marked as moon cake." According to the disclosure of lithium battery enterprises, operators are also required to pack reasonably and use non-toxic, harmless, degradable or recyclable materials to reduce the excessive use of packaging materials

in response to the announcement, most enterprises listed below: they were unaware of this as the name suggests, and did not express their views. Some business people said that they would still produce a small number of high-end luxury moon cakes for high-end consumers

(information source: packaging newspaper)

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