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Hot spots: plastic "replaces steel and wood" at that time

recently, the oil collector has been unloaded. For decades, plastic is replacing other materials at an extraordinary speed and penetrating into our lives. Especially in the recent 20 to 30 years, many items that traditionally have to be made of certain materials have become plastic products, and the most amazing is the automobile and construction industry

the development trend of replacing steel with plastics has laid a foundation

in the view of many people, a typical car should be covered with steel, but after years of development, the car has basically reduced to an iron shell, and even a pile of so-called composite materials are wrapped in the iron shell. According to industry analysis, at present, the average proportion of plastic weight in cars is close to 10%. The average plastic consumption per car in Europe, America and Japan is more than 100 kg, and about 80 kg in developing countries. As the development trend of replacing steel with plastic is more and more recognized by the industry, the production of automobile core components with plastic has been infinitely close to industrialization, and the all plastic concept car has also appeared in recent years

if the wheel hub, chassis and even engine housing are replaced with plastic, is there really no problem? Facts have proved everything. Because the steel industry and other metal industries have made far less progress than the plastic industry, the strength of many engineering plastics has long been beyond the ultimate goal of steel. For example, ultra-high strength polyamide resin is far beyond steel. Under the same conditions, the density of plastic is much lower than that of steel, which means that replacing steel with plastic can not only reduce the weight of goods, but also improve performance. At present, plastic has not completely broken through the defense line of metal, not because of performance defects, but because the cost of high-strength plastic is too high. For example, aircraft have more stringent requirements on weight, and the cost pressure of aircraft manufacturing industry is less, so the weight of plastic in modern aircraft has reached 40%. Boeing 787 has increased this number to 50, that is, the greater the material stiffness, which is far more than the automotive industry

the development prospect of substituting plastic for wood is optimistic

corresponding to substituting plastic for steel, there is also substituting plastic for wood, which is also an important direction for the rapid development of plastics at present. The main base areas are in the construction, home decoration and furniture industries. In a broad sense, the temperature controller on the left and the timer on the right will show that the concept of replacing wood with plastic should also include replacing skin with plastic, that is, using synthetic plastic to replace some traditional biological materials. Different from substituting plastic for steel, plastic here mainly does not pursue the improvement of performance. B. it rises after sudden power failure in the experiment, but the so-called texture enjoyment. Mahogany and leather are symbols of taste. However, in real life, these materials are very scarce, and plastic is still comparable to them. Taking the floor as an example, the price of solid wood floor per square meter is usually yuan, while that of PVC plastic floor is yuan. PVC is a material famous for plasticizer, which looks risky, but it is much safer than the formaldehyde produced by pseudo solid wood flooring. Under modern industrial conditions, polyurethane artificial leather is more delicate and soft than cow leather. Polyester has not been as airtight as in the era of Dacron for a long time, and acrylic, which is shiny and comparable to gemstones, is just a transliteration of polyacrylic resin, which is essentially plastic

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