The hottest spot is abkey, whose safety factor is

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The sea is a/b key, and its safety factor is comparable to that of bank vault

in a factory, if we want to collect information about the temperature, humidity or the status of the breeding system in various areas of the factory, we must monitor it through HMI and record parameters, and deal with some unexpected conditions

today, with the popularity of cloud services and mobile Internet, automation devices also need to enjoy the dividends brought by this, but it will also bring security concerns. How to access Internet cloud services while ensuring the security of account and device data has become a common problem for all factory managers. Hai Wei man-machine interface --c7/c10 is the best choice to solve this problem

security assurance is the basic guarantee for remote access and control of certain devices and services through interconnection (web, app, etc.). In the existing market, the solutions that provide remote access are only to provide user name and password. In this case, once the password is leaked or guessed, the equipment and services will be controlled and used by others, causing immeasurable security problems

the existing remote access, but at present, the security verification method is generally based on the following principles:

(1) connect devices or services through domain name and IP, or log in to cloud services through account and password

(2) enter the remote access user and password, or just enter the password

(3) obtain the remote access and control permission of the device and operate

the disadvantage is that the security mechanism is too simple. If the account password is leaked, other visitors holding the account password can access and control it at will; In addition, it is unable to control the length of visitors' access and the visiting equipment of visitors. It makes the equipment with high requirements for security, such as industrial equipment services and data services, unable to easily use the remote control function, which leads to the loss of the convenience and timeliness of remote control

Haiwei C series Ethernet touch screen's innovative security mechanism a/b key gets rid of the defects of traditional passwords, making factory data more secure and free from worries. The a/b key security mechanism draws on the security concept that two keys are required to open the bank vault, and introduces it into the remote security management scheme of HMI

in this security scheme, users need to set the a key account of HMI in July 2013 or SCADA to enable cloud access. At the same time, for convenience of management, multiple B key accounts can be set to assist the a key account management device. Anything that is different is that the experimental data shows that the visitor wants to bind the device on the display screen of a small tensile machine suitable for measuring the stress of samples before and after ozone aging test, With the consent of a key and B key, a key and B key can restrict visitors' access to the operation engineering screen and control of hmi/scada through the designated or computer, and set the length of access allowed. Even if the account password of one of the a/b keys is leaked, the other account can also ensure the security of the device. The double key audit mechanism has a higher security level

c series Ethernet touch screen is an Ethernet HMI with high height and high cost performance that has been built by Haiwei company after a lot of market research and engineering tests, which combines the excellent Internet innovation technology experience of Haiwei engineers and responds to the market demand of industry 4.0. C series Ethernet touch screen is equipped with cortex A8 800MHz microprocessor CPU and 4GB flash+ 512M DDR3. The picture is real and delicate, and the appearance is fashionable and atmospheric

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