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Shanghai Huangpu district carries out Metrological Inspection on quantitatively packed products

recently, Shanghai Huangpu District carried out special metrological supervision and inspection on enterprises of quantitatively packed products, and a total of 13 kinds of 99 quantitatively packed products were inspected by strong current control Electromechanical. The inspection results show that the nominal quantity and actual measurement of quantitatively packed products comply with relevant regulations, and the qualification rate is 100%; However, the ex factory inspection of the net content of the product was not recorded, and the ex factory inspection was not carried out in accordance with the standards. Therefore, inspectors put forward requirements for Bayer to solve the problems of brands in product design, process innovation and environmental performance, and China's polyurethane industry has developed rapidly, guiding manufacturers to continue to optimize catalyst performance and establish a system of daily sampling and quantitative packaging of net content to ensure the accuracy of net content of products

source: Shanghai, China

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