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In the third quarter of 2016, the National Symposium on the situation of photovoltaic materials industry was held in Changzhi, Shanxi Province. A series of experiments such as stretching, tightening and tearing of auto parts and other items were stopped. On October 28, 2016, the China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association has just begun its wide-ranging utilization in China. The photovoltaic glass professional committee held the "2016 third quarter National Symposium on the situation of photovoltaic materials industry" in Changzhi, Shanxi Province. This meeting was co organized by Shanxi Rishengda group and received strong support from Changzhi Municipal and county Party committees! Zhangbaiheng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Li Jianming, Deputy Secretary General of Changzhi Municipal Party committee, Wang Xianmin, Deputy Secretary General of Changzhi county Party committee, Qin Yuqi, organization director of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, and Zhang Zhenfang, chairman of Rishengda group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. General managers and deputy general managers from 19 photovoltaic glass backbone enterprises across the country had an in-depth exchange, Wang Lei, deputy director of the joint Department of glass processing, presided over the meeting

chairman Zhang Zhenfang of Shanxi Rishengda group, the co organizer of the meeting, said in his speech: "This is a grand meeting of the industry and a gathering of friends. Rishengda is a coal transformation enterprise. It has not been in the production of photovoltaic glass for a long time. Since its establishment, it has received the help and support of the government and brother enterprises. I feel very happy to be able to co host this meeting in order to focus on every opportunity of instant service, and I extend a warm welcome to everyone!"

Li Jianming, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, introduced the economic and social development of Changzhi at the meeting, He pointed out that "Photovoltaic industry is a strategic emerging industry that our city focuses on cultivating. At present, it has emerged and become a new economic growth point. The elite of the photovoltaic industry all over the country gathered together to discuss the development plan of the photovoltaic industry, which provides a good learning and exchange platform for Changzhi, and brings new vitality and hope to the development of the photovoltaic industry in Changzhi. It will further improve the development level of the photovoltaic industry in our city and adjust the industrial structure of Changzhi Integration, transformation and upgrading have a far-reaching impact. " At the same time, he hoped that the experts and scholars present at the meeting would put forward more valuable opinions to speed up the development of photovoltaic industry in our city

Wang Xianmin, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and head of the county, congratulated the smooth holding of the meeting. He said "In recent years, Changzhi county has seized the development opportunity of photovoltaic industry, vigorously developed new energy and clean energy, effectively adjusted the industrial structure, and promoted the sound and rapid development of economy and society. The county Party committee and county government look at the photovoltaic industry from the perspective of development, and see the development potential of photovoltaic industry in Changzhi county when carrying out fatigue experiments on some large structures. Through this meeting, it will surely contribute to the stability of photovoltaic glass market and the health of the industry The exhibition creates favorable conditions and plays a positive role in promoting the trend of the national photovoltaic glass market. "

centering on the theme of this meeting, executive vice president zhangbaiheng first affirmed that after the last economic operation meeting, all enterprises achieved the effect of the meeting and improved the quality of economic operation of the industry in the third quarter by pooling their wisdom and making joint efforts. The work and progress of the glass industry in promoting the "supply side structural reform" were introduced. Facing the complex situation of the current photovoltaic glass industry, He pointed out: "The photovoltaic glass industry started late. We should draw lessons from the serious overcapacity of building float glass, strengthen regional capacity cooperation, and overcome the internal contradictions of the serious mismatch between industry capacity release and demand; secondly, we should strengthen customer management and carry out competition and cooperation in accordance with industry self-discipline regulations; at the same time, he asked the industry to seize the development environment provided by policies, further standardize industry development, extend the industrial chain, and improve industry competitiveness 。”

the meeting also heard the report of Wang Dong, the Secretariat of the photovoltaic professional committee, on the implementation of the consensus of the last meeting and the report on the operation of the photovoltaic material market in the third quarter of 2016. The report introduced the environmental background of the current photovoltaic power generation industry, such as new energy planning, power reform, carbon emissions, and analyzed the market operation of the photovoltaic material industry and the market environment faced by the industry in the next step, Put forward the next work measures of the industry

the participating enterprises exchanged their production and operation conditions; From the perspective of the situation of enterprises, on the one hand, the rush to load ended on June 30, and the growth rate of market demand fell, causing some vicious competition in the industry, resulting in a sharp decline in the price of the industry by nearly 15%. On the other hand, the adjustment of the national transportation policy has a great impact on the industry. First, the freight generated in the sales process has increased significantly; Second, the price of the main raw and fuel materials for the production of photovoltaic glass has risen sharply, forming a pattern of squeezing the middle between the two ends of the industry

After careful discussion and analysis of the current market situation, the participants agreed that the following work should be done well:

first, continue to carry out industry statistics, do a good job in industry risk monitoring and early warning, and avoid vicious competition

II. The average cost of the industry shall be recalculated by the association, and all enterprises shall sell at a price not lower than the average cost of the industry

III. for the implementation of bidding procurement, each enterprise adds the bidding fee to the average cost of the industry

IV. strengthen market self-discipline and standardize the competitive environment

v. strengthen the organization construction of professional committees and lead the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

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